Ferrari Enzo, the world’s top sports car, you can’t afford it


The red sports car features a flat nose and a pointed nose for Ferrari Enzo, named after Ferrari’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. What kind of sports car is worth the name of its Ferrari founder? What are the benefits?

Born in 2002, Enzo is the gift model for the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari commemorative brand and the first flagship HyperCar created after Ferrari entered the 21st century. It can be said that Enzo represents Ferrari’s understanding of the 21st century new era of top sports cars, and also represents the highest technical level of Ferrari at that time.

Such cars are destined to be rare and expensive. Enzo was limited to 399 cars, and then produced a car, the owner of the pope. Enzo was very expensive at the time of launch and sold for $600,000, but given Ferrari’s strict eligibility rules, it is almost impossible to own Enzo’s money in a short period of time.

Enzo uses the same aerodynamic design as the Formula 1 car, and the front nose looks like an F1 car.

The large diffuser at the rear ensures that air can flow into the chassis at high speed, ensuring a strong downforce that keeps the Enzo firmly on the ground.

The central locking wheel rim is made of carbon ceramic brakes and is the standard accessory for top sports cars.

The huge butterfly door looks like a halo, and Enzo deserves to have it.

From this point of view, the door is made of carbon fiber and is designed to be very light and sturdy.

The cabin is also carbon fiber monolithic, more sturdy, but lighter in weight, and of course, more expensive than most cars.

With a simple interior and a focus on driving, this is a truly top running sports car.

From the top to the bottom of the center console area are the air conditioning air outlet, air conditioning control area, start button, lighting control, and rearview mirror adjustment.

Belong to Enzo’s exclusive nameplate.

Enzo’s steering wheel also uses a relatively old two-row button layout, except for the turn signal, all of which are related to driving on both sides.

Later, the Ferrari F430 began to appear on Ferrari’s current iconic driving mode adjustment knob.

The accelerator pedal and brake pedal are in the form of floor pedals, all for speed and driving considerations.

The most attractive part of the car is the speedometer at the bottom of 10,000 rpm and the speedometer of 400 km/h.

Enzo is driven by a mid- and rear-driver that lays the foundation for a strong level of control and also means it is extremely difficult to drive.

The 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine is squeezed to a maximum of 660 hp.

The engine is equipped with a six-speed sequential gearbox with F1 technology and a top speed of 350km / h.

Enzo is very classic and has been on the market for 15 years. It is still a myth of fans.
The famous brand BBR has launched a color model for the Ferrari Enzo.


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