Silbey, the fastest supercar in the world, with the highest speed, gives you a different feeling


Some things, we have not heard of this does not mean that this is really bad. In general, really good things, do not need everyone to know, its goodwill will naturally be felt by someone, That is really used it, and gives it a feeling of it, not gold is buried, but the golden man is blind! Ok, let’s not say more, let’s take a look at the magic of the fastest supercar SSCTuatara.

It is different from every brand super sports car we know. There are many famous ones. Most people don’t even know its name. It is not a century-old brand, no inheritance. It was founded in 1999, according to this time. It should belong to a new car. It was originally based on imitation. After all, a small company has just started and needs to learn from the experience of its predecessors, but it is not a single copy. It concentrates on growing up and finally. It released the top sports car of 2011, seibel SSCTuatara, this super sports car can be as fast as Bugatti viagna, and it is once again in front of the world to show a new face. It has successfully attracted the attention of many sports car enthusiasts, but it is also very unhappy because it has been established for a short time, not well known enough to make all the big people know more about it.

We first look at the appearance, its shape is very strange, we will introduce it to me with a white model, from the outside, it is like an alien creature, stumbling into the earth, you look at the black window above it, where This is not the feeling, the second is its whole, its whole, as its name, very well with its chassis is very low, as a reptile, its name translation is a large lizard, the fastest evolution of DNA, very in line with seibel The journey of entrepreneurship, after all, its rise is very fast, its design is also very chic for this model, there is a sharp wingtip, there is a very dangerous feeling, people dare not approach!

And the shape of the car is as mysterious as its interior. Maybe we don’t know what aliens are outside, but we can see the interior of Tuatara, it is the first space, very standard two people sitting, is The consistent style for the sports car, the second is the central part of the steering wheel design, the main color is white, with red background, the steering wheel is different from the general design, not round, but with sharp edges, its display device is similar to mini projection The instrument, the digital dashboard, is more modern and has a large display in the dashboard.

Its power system is not bad, after all, it is the fastest sports car, it is equipped with its own 7.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, the top speed can reach 443 km / h, and its body also uses air acceleration design, overall look It is very light!

It is indeed the fastest car in the world.


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