2017 top super sports car series


Still can’t resist talking about Bugto Kairon
Because it is not the same as the old car that Bugatti gave us before.
This is more radical
More worthy of the title of the most powerful machine on the surface

In stark contrast to the old airlines
The main reason why Chiron is so sharp is because it
Matrix laser headlight
This luxurious headlight design
Even Audi must give in

Air China uses a very large amount of carbon fiber
It is said that each carbon fiber is fixed together
This is 9 times the length of the earth to the moon.
Its cost matches its material
?- 2.4 million euros

The momentum of Chiron is still exaggerating
8.0 liter W16 engine
The world’s first 1,500-horsepower supercar for mass production of internal combustion engines
Although the local tyrant is still after 1200 horsepower
Weihang already has more than 300 horsepower

Its 100km acceleration will be less than 2.5s
Speed ??420 km / h
This is no electronic speed limit
This is too exaggerated

Even if you have money, you may not be able to buy at home
Because Bugatti has withdrawn from the Chinese market
Pagani Huayra BC

Its younger, gorgeous appearance is its advantage over the buatti
People who pursue individuality prefer Pagani
Its price is very competitive
2.3 million euros, basically the same as Bugatti

BC added an airbag kit
More rare than an ordinary Pagani sports car
Pagani is basically
“Leaving the manufacturer, becoming a collection” super car art

BC power comes from Mercedes-Benz AMG 6.0-liter V12 engine
Its maximum horsepower is 789 horsepower and its torque is 1098Nm.
100 km acceleration is less than 3S
Not as violent as Bugatti
But it is lighter
You have to remember that this is a work of art

The main pursuit of the interior is lighter and more elegant
Red and black are also classic
Exquisite luxury makes it more artistic

Koenigsegg Regera

Chat supercar
Of course, koenigsegg is indispensable
This regera is more about speed than pagani
But not as pure as Bugatti
Because it uses the popular hybrid system
With the help of 3 motors
This makes the regera’s power reach an astonishing 1500 horsepower
In terms of violence, not budgadi

Pursuit of speed
Mr. Regera is not just studying carbon fiber
Carbon fiber is also used on wheels
Compared to the light alloy wheels that appeared before
The new carbon fiber wheel lost 40% of its mass
For high performance cars
The loss of quality is too expensive

Regera also has a removable hard top
Turn your luxury supercar into a convertible
I don’t want to be able to show off

Centenario lamborghini

Lamborghini Centennial Commemorative Value of $2.23 Million
Lamborghini is the most powerful convertible
Close up, you can see its gorgeous interior
Bare carbon fiber and yellow leather
You can see the power of this flagship sports car.

Centenario is equipped with a V12 self-priming engine
759 horsepower is the most powerful Lamborghini
Red line speed is 8600 rpm
Its top speed is 350km / h
100 km acceleration is less than 2.8 seconds

Although each Lamborghini is very personal and quirky
However, the centennial is obviously better
The front flat design has no sharp edges and corners of the past
But equipped with an air kit
Plus aerodynamic design
Reduce drag so that it can break through at a higher speed

These cars are too far away from our lives.
But the purest and most elite supercar in the world
worthy of study
Because the upper limit of people is always their own vision


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