The key to every big god super sports car is more aggressive than the car!


Nowadays, the requirements for the car are not only the appearance and performance, especially those foreigners, they pay special attention to the design of the car key, as if the car key is made very high, pretending that the whole car, as if the whole car can be raised to the same level. Today, let’s see which car keys are so powerful?

First of all, we see that this is Ferrari. As we all know, the Ferrari model is one of the best looking sports cars, but today’s models can reach a maximum power of 800 horsepower. It is also equipped with a 163 hp electric motor, which is very impressive. The most important thing is its appearance, which can be seen in the design of the car, which uses red and black. Not only must we highlight the sense of fashion, but we can also feel that the whole is very windy, especially its key is more powerful.

The key is the same color as the body, with an inverted triangle design. The key is that the numbers are automatically changed. Not only is the appearance level high, but the performance is very good.

Next, I will tell you that Lamborghini is a limited edition car. The best thing about it is that its maximum horsepower output is 770 and you can see its appearance. Just like the curved screen of a mobile phone, the overall line is particularly smooth, and its buttons are also high, and the menu bar seems to be a smart key. If you don’t look at the logo, you can think of it as a small smart phone.

Then I will tell you a car with a very good key, this is koenigsegg. This car is the Wilder, as a personality in the sports car, with a light blue. The key is suitable for the appearance of the car. They are all science fiction. One of the most amazing features is that you can operate the music independently before driving, and you can use the buttons to control the volume. It seems to be an mp3 configuration. I always feel that holding this key is the most important thing to listen to music. I am not used to driving.
There are many keys, and the car is an expensive supercar.

Koenigsegg Regera

Mercedes-AMG GT R

Maybach concept car

Finally, I want to tell you about the key to Bugatti. This car is made by the manufacturer’s custom paint, with a carbon fiber pattern, a little magical blue, which is super beautiful. If you like mysterious friends, you might choose this car, its buttons are complementary, but not as smart as a few buttons, but its one-button start function is super pretending flexibility.


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