The key to the top super sports car, Ferrari is very serious, Martin is Gao Fushuai, is this Pagani?


Now some friends who drive a car like to take some of their car keys to say something, take a car key to take a photo to a circle of friends, or just put it on the table to eat, as if they do not have the car key so important of. Today we also take a look at the keys to millions of luxury cars and see where they are sacred.

Ferrari car key
First look at Ferrari, which is what many domestic friends like. This is the car key for the Ferrari 488. Ferrari’s name is written in very large fonts, and the color of the car key matches the color of the car. It looks very conspicuous. The key has basic functions such as unlocking and is a more serious car key.

BMW i8 key
The second is to look at BMW’s flagship sports car BMW i8 car key, which should be seen as a cool, sci-fi key car key, edible display, and can be used with vehicles, real-time views of the vehicle fuel, air conditioning , etc., the basic unlocking and switching function storage box is also available. This is a very sci-fi car key.

Bentley’s key
Needless to say the third one, everyone knows that the big “B” letter in the middle knows that many people yearn for Bentley not only inlaid with Bentley’s logo, but other parts are wrapped in leather. Bentley’s consistent luxury positioning is the key to a relatively luxurious car.

Koenigse key
The fourth shape looks very unique. Maybe some friends who don’t care too much about the super run don’t know what the car is. This is indeed a relatively small sports car, but the status is absolutely top. This is KONE. Creek. This car key is shaped by its logo and is easier to identify. It is a very personal car key.

Pagani key
The fifth person may be suspected by many friends. Is this the key to a million luxury cars, not a safe door at home? In fact, it is not only a million-luxury car, but also the key to nearly 10 million-level supercars. This is the car key for Pagani Zonda. There must be many friends who will be surprised. The famous Pagani will design such a car key. I really don’t know if the designer deliberately designed the chicken legs. If you really put this key on your friend’s table, it is estimated that those who are “disappearing” will make fun of it. So this is definitely a low-key car key.

Aston Martin car key

Function buttons
Finally, a very handsome car key was defeated by Aston Martin, which looks like a luxury car and is also a very powerful feature, not only can open the trunk, but also remotely open the door, control the lights, handsome appearance, powerful, just Rich and handsome car key world.


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