Lamborghini’s fastest supercar! It broke 100 in 2.5 seconds, weighed less than 1 ton, and limited to 10 sets worldwide.


As one of the world’s top super sports car brands, Lamborghini has many impressive super sports cars, such as niuwang Veneo, Reventon land fighters, Centenario Centenario and so on. When it comes to Lamborghini’s fastest supercar, it must be Sesto Elemento.

Initially, it is expected that 20 Sesto Elemento units will be produced, but for various reasons, only 10 units were eventually produced. Although it sold for more than 2.2 million euros, it was sold out in 2013. The car’s exterior has updated fans’ awareness of Lamborghini and has become one of the most classic models in Lamborghini’s history. According to reports, Sesto Elemento’s used car prices in the European market soared to more than 3 million euros, enough to show its rarity and collection value.

Although Lamborghini did not disclose the Sesto Elemento vehicle parameters, the vehicle was smaller than Huracan. In pursuit of ultimate lightness, the sixth element is made entirely of carbon fiber, small in size and weighs only 999 kg. Of all the zeros that can be run in three seconds, Sesto Elemento is almost half the weight of Bugatti.

As for the level of appearance, Sesto Elemento is one of the brightest elements of the Lamborghini family. The overall outline of the car is not much different from the overall outline of the Mavericks, but its headlights are rounder and less sharp. Moreover, the sixth element as a whole uses a lot of aerodynamic packaging design. After all, the car is too light, and at high speeds it needs enough air downforce to improve the stability and grip of the car.

In terms of interior decoration, Sesto Elemento is definitely the most inconspicuous Lamborghini car. Its entire interior is designed with a racing car, except for the basic structure of carbon fiber. In addition to the LCD instrument panel, there are no physical buttons in the car, and there are no air conditioners for the track.

In terms of power, the Sesto Elemento uses a 5.2-liter V12 naturally aspirated engine with a maximum output of 570 hp and a maximum torque of 540 nm, the same parameters as the Gallardo lp-570. After all, the car weighs less than a ton, so the acceleration is greatly improved, so its 100 km acceleration time is only 2.5 seconds! Its top speed is 350km / h.

As a top-ranking ultramarine, with a breakthrough of 100 in 2.5 seconds and 10 units worldwide, Sesto Elemento demonstrates Lamborghini’s pursuit of speed. It weighs 999 kilograms and is made of carbon fiber. It is the lightest bull ever.


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