One of the most popular super sports cars in Dubai, with sales of 30 million yuan, 810 horsepower in 2.7 seconds, more than 100 horsepower


W-motors is a super sports car manufacturer from the Middle East and is known to domestic fans for its Lykan Lykan HyperSport. But of the 95 million sold out in China, only seven are produced globally. In 2013, W-motors moved its headquarters from Lebanon to Dubai to meet the needs of more Dubai millionaires and launched the new Fenyr SuperSport for the wealthy in Dubai.

There is no doubt that this super sports car has been popular in Dubai and the Middle East since its launch, but due to capacity constraints, fennell only produces 25 cars a year, but still in short supply. The car is priced at $1.4 million overseas and starts at least $30 million in the domestic market, which is at the same level as 918, P1 and LaFerrari.

Mr. Finnell’s positioning price is less than half of the previous price, and its main target market is still the Middle East, especially Dubai. In terms of design, this car is consistent with the previous models, a large number of complex lines outline the sci-fi and sports style, with a strong visual impact.

The body size is 4,684 * 1983 * 1199mm, low and flat shape, fennell is the top super sports car, but speed bumps can also be a nightmare. Compared to the familiar Lamborghini and Ferrari, Finnel’s appearance is actually more radical, and numerous aerodynamic kits make the car look even more exaggerated. The body is made of a large amount of carbon fiber and weighs only 1,350 kg.

Like racon, fennell also uses a reverse door design, the door handle is made of woven fabric, showing the lifting weight requirements. Of course, Fennell’s pursuit of lightweighting is also equipped with a rear spoiler that automatically lifts and lifts the car to provide downforce.

In the interior, the fennell has a very unique racing style. The interior of the car features a large amount of Alcantara and carbon fiber material for a strong sporting atmosphere. But the car is also equipped with a 10.5-inch central control panel and a full LCD dashboard, which is very rare in super sports cars.

As for power, Fennell’s Porsche engine uses a 3.8t horizontally opposed engine, but is reconfigured by RUF (such as Tiger) with a maximum output of 810 HP and a peak torque of 980 nm! Even with the transmission, the car is equipped with a PDK gearbox and Porsche is proud of it. Although powered by Porsche, it is more powerful, with a speed of 2.7 seconds at 100 seconds/hour, 9.4 seconds at 0-200 km/h and a top speed of 395 km/h.


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