The ultimate form of Lamborghini, no one can refuse the charm of the top super sports car


It is believed that no one can reject the charm of the Lamborghini supercar. Known for its power and speed, it has a near-perfect streamlined and powerful visual effect. Have you seen Lamborghini become the final form?
Vapor GT’s Chinese name Vapor GT is a bit retro, but it can show the mechanical properties of the model. With its many straight lines, the design is so sharp that you can hear it cut in the air as quickly as possible.

The front face triangle headlights use LED light source, which inherits the beautiful daytime running lights and separate taillights at the rear. It also features an open design with no roof, a reinforced glass wing for front and rear functions, and appears in the side entry cockpit section.

Every detail of it has a sculptural feel, and every moment it will boldly claim to be able to resist its anger. People believe that even Batman wants to have such a cool and domineering car!

Vapor GT appears very quickly in game videos, but as long as you have enough money, it doesn’t really have it! Because Gray Design is not only designed, but also the automotive department. They said that if someone places an order, they will build one for the customer.

In the grey design vision, the Vapor GT will be created using the Vapor Ham SP/300.R platform, which uses a lightweight carbon fiber racing chassis to control its total weight below 900 kg. The front 2.0-liter supercharged Ford Duratec engine accelerates 100km in 3.2 seconds!

After the creation of the Vapor GT concept, the inspired studio, Grey Design, created the same catamaran concept yacht, which included exquisite finishes and cool modern smooth lines.


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