The cheapest top super run, maybe you can afford it too!


The biggest difference between the Corvette Grand Sport and the previous high-priced supercar is its more user-friendly price advantage – $66,445 and the convertible version is $70445. Compared with the overrun of more than 2 million euros, the Corvette Grand Sport can be regarded as a civilian dream car. Of course, the people here refer to overseas car owners.

Powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine, the Corvette Grand Sport produces up to 460 horsepower and 630 nanometers of torque. The acceleration time of 96km/h is about 3.8 seconds. Although there is still a certain distance from the top super sports car, for most drivers, the Corvette 6.2 liter engine is enough to make your adrenal hormones arrogant.

The appearance is still the American muscle car we are familiar with. The strong waist and full hips highlight the power of Corvette. For the Hornets, it is also a very strong competitor. The car logo is similar to Wuling, and it must be the first misunderstanding of the driver.

Porsche 718 Boxter
Boxster’s name 718 comes from Porsche’s 718 sports car, and today’s Boxster is also equipped with a turbocharged engine, which makes its power system more racing. It is no exaggeration to say that the Boxster is actually the most suitable model for experiencing sports car stimulation,

The exterior of the Boxster is based on Porsche’s classic cute baby face design, and the open design lets you open the Boxster. You have a strong and handsome style in an instant. Although the domestic convertible is rather embarrassing, the convertible can still add a lot of highlights in terms of value.

Power comes from the 2.5T four-cylinder supercharged engine. Acceleration is a masterpiece of the new generation of Boxster. The acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 4.2 seconds. Although the 2.5T engine’s passion at the limit speed will be reduced, the speed of 285 km / h is very good. After all, not every car must be straighter than the American muscle car.

Ford GT
The origin of the Ford GT can actually be traced back to the mass production of the 2002 GT40 concept car. Thanks to the enthusiastic response of the fans, the Ford GT, now known as the Dark Horse, has been created. This car is not only a tribute to the glory of the Ford 24 Hours in the 1960s, but also a perfect embodiment of Ford’s craftsmanship.

The Ford GT has a racing feel and its shape does not lose its top. The carbon fiber wrapped in the body makes the car look violent, but it sells for $450,000 and is less than 6 points for Bugatti Chiron. One. But Xiaobian wants to say that he still can’t afford it, it is more suitable for some ordinary local tyrants.

Powered by a 3.5-ton V6 twin-turbo engine and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Ford GT produces 647 horsepower and 746 Nm of peak torque. Its spoiler is very sleek, but it can provide enough downforce, and the Ford GT’s top speed can exceed 347 kilometers, which is worthy of this tyrannic spoiler.

In addition to the superb super sports car, the Ford GT has a cool scissor door and an extremely comfortable cockpit, in which many of the more expensive supercars are not comparable. Finally, as a representative of the Super Run in the United States, it does resist the courts of the Italian Super Run.

McLaren 570 gt
This is another scissor door super run, too, its price is still not cheap – $ 200,000, there are 2 Porsche 911 on the top.

This is a very sporty McLaren GT sports car, luxury is not only reflected in the appearance, the perfect leather interior is more difficult to remove.

The front face and hips of the familiar McLaren family can see the power of the car. The 3.8-ton twin-turbocharged V8 engine produces 562 horsepower, but because the body is 82 pounds heavier than the 570, its 100-kilometer acceleration has a slight impact. The maximum torque is 600 Nm and the 100 km acceleration time is approximately 3.4S. However, the maximum speed is still 328 kilometers.

Aston Martin DB11
DB11 can be said to be the same price as the 570GT, which is priced at about $210,000. However, it can be said that it is not similar to the 570GT character.

The new DB11 extends from Martin’s proud V12 auto-start engine to a twin-turbo engine. The 5.2-ton V12 engine can break through 600 horsepower. Although the 100km acceleration is 3.9 seconds, its positioning is a flexible and comfortable driving experience.

Simply put, the DB11 is an elegant car. Although relatively simple, but considering the owner’s experience, it is suitable for more stable local tyrants.


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