At present, the Honda NSX improved version of one of the world’s top super sports cars debut!


Japan’s Ferrari is stronger and faster! Honda NSX has been improved!

At present, the Honda NSX improved version of one of the world’s top super sports cars debut!
The second-generation Honda NSX is arguably one of the world’s top supercars. It combines a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine with a sh-awd three-motor developed by Honda, with a combined horsepower of 573 hp. Now, the original company has proposed an improved version of the hybrid, which meets stricter exhaust standards and increases the lap speed by two seconds!

The 2019 NSX modified version focuses on the car chassis and improves the control performance. The hardness of the front anti-roll bar is increased by 26%, while the hardness of the protective roller bar is increased by 19%, and the hardness is improved after the connecting rod is suspended. 21%, also used NSX developed Continental SportContact 6 tire performance to improve braking and turning and accelerate the car’s dynamic performance.

In addition, the NSX Sport is equipped with the Hybrid SH-AWD hybrid combination and software upgrade. Although the overall power remains at 573 HP and the peak torque remains at 645 Nm, it is suspended in the electric power steering system, VSA system and active electromagnetic system re-adjustment. The system, NSX again controls the performance, Japan’s Suzuka track test results are 2 seconds faster than the change in front of the NSX. It also upgraded the 2019 NSX injection system, turbocharger and carbon particulate filter to meet the latest Euro 6d-temp emission standards while maintaining the same output power.

As for the appearance of the parts, the actual changes of the improved NSX are not large, but some of the original chrome-plated decorative details vary in color and piano black lacquer processing design. The biggest change is the addition of the appearance called cooling orange pearl color, super bright orange The NSX body line is perfectly presented, which is definitely the most suitable NSX body color.

The new 2019 NSX is priced at $157,500 in the US


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