GTR is only ranked third! Japan’s four super sports cars


The Japanese are actually not without a super sports car. Compared with the European supercar, the Japanese island is backed by resources. The geographical features make the Japanese have no desire and the resources are mass-produced. Of course, it does not mean that the Japanese do not develop. The strength of producing super sports cars, in fact, reviewing the history of Japan for decades, living a lot of super sports cars, it is quite difficult to start a super sports car in the computer, their price is not high has been discontinued.
In many people’s impressions, GTR is synonymous with Japanese super sports cars. The truth is the same, but in fact, behind the GTR, there are more super sports cars supporting the Japanese super sports car culture brought by GTR. How many top super sports cars are there? do you know?

Mazda rx-7
Technically speaking, RX 7 is not too suitable too far, but the car has to be God, you can’t use price to measure its value. As the first batch of imported cars before entering the domestic sales in the new millennium, the price of RX 7 has been unable to use. As far as wealth is concerned, there is no normal procedure for the cars in the house. For most of the products, most of them are on the water wheel. If you want to find a RX 7, you can get on the road.
However, this should not be the myth of the magic car, the rx-7 myth is easy to reach, and the horsepower is easy to break after the modification, plus Mazda always controls the advantage, this rx-7 is actually the devil of the track, straight line ghost.

Nissan GTR
Egl is the third one that is actually not kui. The technical charm lies in its more GTR price. After all, the price ticket of 1.5 million can kill a super sports car. It is not uncommon to identify the GTR through the taillights 300 meters away. The linear acceleration performance of the twin-turbo large-displacement engine can exceed 3 seconds, and the performance matches the super-sports with larger displacement. Of course, in the drive reputation, the contribution of the dual clutch can not be ignored.
But the handling of the GTR is difficult to deal with (as Mr. Takahashi said) and it’s hard to get into a corner, it’s hard to get out of a corner, a straight monster, and far worse than rx-7.

Honda / acura NSX
Obviously, 3 million Honda is not a joke. It has been controlling the high-end of Honda NSX and has invested a lot of money. At least from the appearance, he can pay more attention to flexibility, wind resistance, appearance and overall visual perception. The same level of the car is better, NSX’s charm is of course not the original acceleration is 3.3 seconds of hard goods, is the most critical new NSX or hybrid, 10 liters no problem, in the super sports car is fuel-efficient.

  1. Lexus LFA
    Nothing says the car’s beliefs, performance is not as good as GTR, even worse than NSX, but the unlimited version of LFA is so optimistic, the original acceleration with 4.8 seconds 3.7 V10 engine emissions, compared with the twin-turbo era, the sports car really power The output is not enough, but the original large-displacement engine has a beautiful sound, and the management under the siege of Yamaha is more sweet and moving.
    LFA ranks first because of its beliefs. You can’t understand the market fever of the 6 million super sports cars that were used in the past.


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