How many world-class sports car signs have you seen?


When it comes to luxury cars, we all think of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc. In fact, these cars are not really luxury cars, tens of millions of cars and Pagani, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini, etc. Take a look at the world’s top ten luxury car brands and see if you know.
this Ferrari brand is also produced in Italy, can be said to be the Italian sports car home

Silver shell
This brand, which many people have never heard of, was founded by a group of super sports car enthusiasts in the United States, so it is a brand new super sports car. The cost is amazing, usually 60 million units.

The Maybach logo is the origin of the names of its founders, Karl Maybach and William Maybach, costing more than 10 million yuan.

  1. Koenigsegg
    Known as the ghost sports car, the logo of koenigsegg is a ghost model. Koenigsegg is also a relatively rare niche sports car that only some super sports car enthusiasts know.

Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest sports cars in the world. The acceleration of 100km takes only 2.5 seconds and the limit speed exceeds 400km / h. Bugatti

One wing plus a B, Xiaobian personal feeling is to bring you to install the power to fly you.

Lamborghini is often talked about in everyday life. The logo of this brand is a cow and looks very aggressive. Lamborghini belongs to the Volkswagen brand that you know the Volkswagen brand, you heard it right!

  1. Spyker
    The car manufacturer started making airplanes, now it makes cars, so its logo is wheels and wings


Pagani is a world-renowned super sports car manufacturer founded by Horacio Pagani. Like the famous Ferrari, it was born in the Italian town of Modena, which is known as the home of super-running.
Pagani’s super sports cars are known for their extreme performance, a large number of hand-crafted craftsmanship, expensive prices and rare production quantities. Its representative cars are Pagani Zonda, which was officially released in 1999, and Pagani Huayra, which was launched in 2011.


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