ndia’s first mass production super sports car! Looks like Lamborghini


For sports cars, many young people are bound to have unlimited yearnings. However, for luxury cars like Ferrari Lamborghini that can move millions of points, most of them just watch them. Of course, the best answer is no. As early as 2014, Indian car company DC Design launched the first self-owned super sports car concept car in India, which was very good at the time. Now, this DC Avanti has been mass-produced, What is the performance of India’s first mass-produced supercar?

First of all, as a super sports car, it must have an attractive appearance. DC Avanti is definitely not disappointing, it gives people a sexy look. The front is a large flat trapezoidal grille that looks imposing and has bright eyes on either side of the headlights. There is an air inlet above the large muscular hood that highlights the performance of the car’s positioning.

The body is mainly composed of a curved angular structure that looks very powerful, similar to the style of the Lamborghini Aventador. The tail is also a focus. Before the domineering face is different, the tail looks more like a grimace, which is a bit hard to tell. But in general, as the first mass-produced supercar, the appearance is good enough. The length, width and height of the body are 4550X1956X1200mm and the wheelbase is 2700mm.

I have to say that entering the car may be a bit disappointing. Although the two-color color scheme creates a dynamic atmosphere, the design is incomprehensible. The steering wheel is so rudimentary that the center console is poorly laid out and doesn’t even look cheap.

In terms of power, DC Avanti is powered by Ford’s 2.0 T EcoBoost engine, a low-power version with a maximum power of 250 hp, a high-power version with a maximum power of 310 hp, 6 manual and automatic transmissions with automatic shift paddles, and acceleration of the first 100 km. The time is 7.5 S, which is normal for a sports car. In fact, for a super sports car, the chassis is a bit high. But perhaps because it is not a super sports car, a higher chassis may be more suitable for various road conditions.


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