Four-door Lamborghini can still be called a super sports car


In our opinion, Lamborghini will always be a two-door supercar full of edges, roaring squeaks and unique two-door design, which is why many people choose it;

However, the very wet Lamborghini, which could have relied on the big calf, can’t stop tossing for a while. Maybe they want to compete with many high-end brands such as Porsche for better sales, and previously released the eye-catching concept car Lamborghini Urus.

Although this car appears in many games, it is not yet available. Now, Lamborghini executives are starting to get excited; better to see the success of a four-door sedan like Porsche Palamera, so Porsche came up with the idea of ??launching a four-door model by 2021.

Although the Lamborghini Urus is the first four-door SUV of the Lamborghini family, creating a precedent for the four-door model, the four-door model is much less sporty and pure than the two-door model.

The two-door model is used for competition, and the four-door model is used to pull people. This must be the idea of ??many people. However, on the other hand, the success of the palamera and the Bentley Continental GT is also obvious to everyone.

Bentley Continental GT
So Lamborghini wants the MSB platform used by these two models. Of course, since the model will appear around 2021, in order to cope with the strict emission policy and European hostility to the internal combustion engine, the diesel version may be cut by a small 8-cylinder engine driven by an electric motor.

According to the speculations of the people concerned, the appearance of this model, the four-door concept model called “Estoque” that Lamborghini previously launched at the 2008 Paris Motor Show may be the prototype of the new model.

Lamborghini’s production of this model is very slow, and this model pointed out that Audi’s A7 and Mercedes CLS, which can of course be considered a sports performance model. According to Lamborghini’s usual urination, most Estoque design concepts are followed.

However, despite the success of the palamera and the mainland GT, Lamborghini still insists on using the two-door supercar to attract customers.

How many people are willing to buy a four-door coupe that retains the essence of a supercar? Can it be as expensive as paramera? we do not know.


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