It comes again from Italy, but it is pure electricity


We all know that Italy has a super sports car, but this time we are talking about a full-powered super sports car that looks more combative, not a cow or a horse. They are not from Italian major design companies and car companies, but from an ambitious new Italian supercar brand Bertone, which was originally one of Italy’s best-known car design studios.

At the end of last year, Flymove Bertone launched a prototype of a 1:1 electric supercar in an exclusive event in Milan, Italy, and revealed the details of these models, but only for the models.

There you see two supercars, Bertone Dianche BSSGT Cube and Bertone Dianche BSSGT One, no. The Bertone Dianche BSS GT One and No are entry-level models with motors on the front and rear axles for a total output of 400 hp, while the BSS GT Cube is even more extreme at 800 hp. This is enough to get the car to reach 2.2 seconds at 0-100 acceleration and a top speed of 350 km/h. It is comparable to Tesla’s ROADSTER. According to the person in charge, the two cars will plan to produce a total of 9 customers for booking, the specific price has yet to be determined.

Officials say that in addition to regular charging, both BSS models will use Flymove’s own power replacement system. I believe that the theory and principle of power is similar to that of power plants. It is necessary to make an appointment to the designated location of the power and quickly replace the battery through the machine, so that it can be used as a good alternative to charging, but Flymove mainstream tarcisio Bertone still has no specific power in this respect. Open it in the program, but it is a brand that first publicized overseas power practices, and it was even done by Tesla big carts.


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