New Ultima RS from British supercar brand Ultima


In the exterior part, Ultima RS is inspired by the classic Le Mans Endurance Group C. The overall design is the most incisive, highlighting the word “performance”. The new car features the ultimate aerodynamic design, including integrated front spoiler, front wheel arch vents, large rear spoiler and large diffuser. The fuselage uses a large amount of carbon fiber material to further reduce the weight of the fuselage. The car has a custom 19-inch rim, a strong visual impact, with Michelin high-performance sports tires, you can see that the car’s LED daily running lights are very eye-catching, with a “finishing the finishing touch” pen.
As for the interior, the Ultima RS is positioned in a super sports car, and the interior design uses many extremely simplified designs. However, the car is equipped with air conditioning systems, navigation, reversing images and parking sensors, three sporty steering wheels and Alcantara material seats, which are very friendly for super sports cars.

In terms of power, Ultima RS will provide a variety of general-purpose motor V8 engines, including LS3 / LS7 / LSA / LT1 / LT4 / LT5. The traditional LT5 uses a 6.2t V8 engine with a maximum power of 811 HP and a 0-97km / h (60mph) acceleration time of only 2.3 seconds. In addition, Ultima will provide an adjustable version of 1,217 hp, and the data shows that the special adjustable version performs very well. In terms of transmission, the new car is only equipped with a six-speed manual transmission.


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