Super meets a person but in any case, is the energy absorption design or the iron plate too thin?


Some joint venture Japanese cars will be severely deformed by impact. Some Japanese powders stubbornly believe that this is an energy-absorbing design, but in fact it is really thin iron.
Then you won’t be deformed too much by impact, is this really good? In fact, this effect cannot be solved, although the passengers in the car will not be injured by the deformation of the car body, but the violent impact may be fatal.

So what kind of body is a good body? Simply put, the body is heavily deformed and the cockpit looks to its fullest extent. Does such a car really exist? of course can. This is a super sports car.
Read the news and often see news of luxury supercar accidents. The drivers are generally very good, but at the scene of the accident, the parts of the luxury car are flying, and the various pieces are scattered on the ground, giving a feeling of pain. Millions of people fly so much, thinking that all regret for those rich people.

If you look at the crash site, it is always the scene that is most seriously damaged, even the lightest impact midfielder. A variety of sharp dents and parts are scattered throughout. Look at the autuo next to it, although it has been seriously damaged, but at least it can be rescued. Why are millions of cars so collapsed?
Body material
The luxury super sports car is made of carbon fiber and is durable, corrosion resistant and lightweight. In the case of very intense high-speed collisions, the material will break into as many components as possible to absorb the impact energy, thereby preventing the vehicle from being injured when deformed. This is a vehicle at the expense of passenger safety. Why do you want a car as your life disappears?

Center or rear engine
In most supercar crashes, the front end has disappeared, just like being hit by a tank. That’s because many super sports cars are centered or rear behind the cab. The first goal is to balance the car’s center of gravity and allow more weight to be allocated to the rear wheels. As a result, most of the engine is not in front of the car to counteract the impact, resulting in severe natural deformation.

Automatic engine separation
Some luxury super sports cars are designed to drive the engine out of the car at high speed. In a serious accident, the engine is thrown out of the cockpit to avoid engine fire and heavy engine damage to passengers.

Super speed is really fast, otherwise with ultra-high speed braking system, 100 kilometers is not a problem. It usually exceeds 200, of course it is very powerful. I think even thick steel plates, more than 200 kilometers per hour, are hard to preserve.
Whether your car is super fast or strong enough, don’t play on city roads. To be dragged directly onto the track, don’t be a road killer, hurt and hurt yourself.


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