The super sports cars I think the sexiest backend, which one do you like the most?


In the six super sports cars I think the sexiest backend, which one do you like the most?

The shape of the Lamborghini huracan calf is not like a big cow. The big cow looks like a very bare tooth and claw. It is ready to fight with you anytime and anywhere. The calf looks warmer and has no complicated lines. It will not feel fatigue for a long time.

The back of Lamborghini’s old rival Ferrari 488 is equally impressive. The most attractive part is the round taillights, surrounded by black decorative panels, which are very deep

Many people may not know Honda NSX, but it has a long history and has been around for decades. This generation of NSX is perfect on the contours of the rear of the car. The overall shape is round and moderate, but the unique taillights can be identified

The tail of King Bugarto has a special fighting atmosphere. Through the crossbar of the taillight, there is no sense of harmony in the tail, and the Veyron on the big round and the whole butt is a different world.

Among the many super sports cars, McLaren p1 is my favorite. Its clever shape gives it a beautiful back end. It looks like a future warrior, especially when the streamlined taillights are lit, it looks like a ghost in the middle of the night.

The new BMW z4 concept car has a variety of line movements that vividly depict the tail layer. The narrow and sharp taillights are very sharp, and even with millions or even tens of millions of supercars, its aura is equally strong.


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