Turbulence: Italian supercar


It has the best football…
It has an old and splendid culture…
It has the hottest sun…
Of course, it has a sports car that drives everyone crazy!
You guessed it, it is Italy. An extreme country full of passion, sensuality and talent, pursuing culture and art.
What kind of car can such a magical country make? Satoshi will take you through the depths of today’s Italian car culture.
Where do you start? Let us start with our favorite “two emperors and a queen” (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati)…

  1. The prancing horse totem – Ferrari
    There are thousands of car marks in the world, but in the eyes of all fans, which one can match the “prancing horse”.
    Ferrari is a world-famous manufacturer of racing cars and sports cars, founded in 1929. The founder is the master of enzo ferrari, the early Ferrari car, all designed by it.
    He designed the car as a racer and artist, making the Ferrari both dynamic and colorful, while seamlessly designing every part of the cab for easy operation.
    How did the world famous “Teng Yue Ma” logo come into being?
    In 1923, when she met the mother of a famous Italian pilot who died in the First World War, Enzo Ferrari competed at the age of 25. She told Ferrari that the flight badges on both sides of her son’s fighter plane were “prancing”. “If Ferrari painted it on the car, it would bring good luck. Ferrari listened to her mother and went back to do what she said. Good luck. Shipped.
    Today, the Ferrari brand is still “unforgettable”…

Angry Bull – Lamborghini
The Lamborghini logo is a powerful bullfighting attack on the other side, which is consistent with the characteristics of Lamborghini’s high-performance high-speed sports car, and this logo also reflects the founder of the Lamborghini bullfighting.
The founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, instilled the Italian ambitions in his bones, motivating him to become a respected industry leader from the son of an ordinary farmer.
With uncompromising driving and almost crazy passion, Northern Italy pursues the dream of making the perfect sports car. Since then, the stubborn and full of the “Bull” logo has become a symbol of Lamborghini, interpreting all the characteristics of this distinctive car brand – challenging the limits, pride and unrestrained.

Maserati inherits the tradition of Italian classic design and manual customization. The new series of coupe is the embodiment of the Italian top coupe production technology, which perfectly interprets the perfect combination of elegance, luxury, sports, Italian design aesthetics and high-quality craftsman design.
Of course, in addition to the familiar “two kings and a queen”, Italy also has a super brand, pagani.

Pagani is a world-renowned super sports car manufacturer founded by olasio pagani. Like the famous Ferrari, it was born in Modena, Italy.
In 1982, 26-year-old Argentine F3 racing designer Pagani accepted five recipe world champions Sergio Vazio’s suggestion: “If you want to make the most beautiful car in the world, you have no choice but to go to Modena. Italy realizes your dream. “With this advice, Pagani went straight to Lamborghini, a super sports car company on the outskirts of Modena, where he started as a fitter. Later, he began to study Lamborghini’s famous Diablo sports car, and for the first time pointed out that carbon fiber will become the most important material in the future of automotive manufacturing technology.


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