Is GTR a supercar?


Ferrari Enzo
Super sports car, super sports car. It usually refers to a high-performance sports car with superior power output and extraordinary appearance; the price is generally from millions to tens of millions, and the top speed is more than 300 km/h, most of which only include two seats, with a very high brand. value……

Aston Martin DB11
GT, Grand Tourer, is a large luxury sports car or coupe that can travel at high speeds and long distances. It is usually designed with two doors, two seats or four seats for comfort and performance.

In the GTR
Not a super sports car
First of all, in terms of performance, GTR is definitely the last top super sports car, but there are more.
In its origins, GTR’s predecessor was the high-performance sports car in the Skyline series, not the super sports car;

In terms of brand value, GTR is not an independent high-end brand. NISSAN is already telling us about its brand value.
In terms of design, the overall look and feel of the GTR lacks the amazing design and materials of a super sports car.
Nor is it GT
GT Keywords: double door, luxury, high performance, comfort

GTR interior
The high-performance, two-door, four-seat GTR is fully available, but the GTR’s internal design still does not meet the minimum standards of the luxury GT; more importantly, the GT is a long-distance driving car, while the GTR’s suspension, gearbox, sitting position … This is almost the exact opposite of the source of the GT.

What exactly is GTR?
GTR is a bit like Porsche 911. They always do it themselves, challenge their competitors by breaking their own strengths… Do we not like GTR because of its “offline” power?
Japanese supercar model lexus LFA


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