the world’s most expensive super sports car, titanium alloy, is the only one in the world


There are many super sports cars in the world that no one can match in our lifetime, but there is a lot of controversy about which one is the most expensive, and I believe many people think this is the new favorite of Bugatti – more than 50 million Chiron . However, outside the car outside the car, this value of 66.8 million yuan, called the Vulcano super sports car, even more easily than Bugatti, become the world’s most expensive super sports car, and is the only one in the world! Let’s see.

Like Bugatti, Vulcano is from Italy and is a supercar called Icona. The group has a design center in Shanghai, China, which provides a wide range of services for a wide range of independent brands and joint ventures, including styling, engineering, styling, exhibition and prototyping. This expensive supercar is the pinnacle of all their technical capabilities.

Its fuselage cover material is made of titanium alloy, titanium alloy is aerospace grade alloy material, with high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. It is mainly used to manufacture aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by rocket, missile and high speed. aircraft. Structural parts, it can be said that the entire body is very luxurious. At the same time, most interiors are made of carbon fiber and are very lightweight. The total weight of this super sports car is only 1.59 tons.

Its shape is also very offensive. Its front looks like an attacking shark. A triangular LED light source is used for the upper headlights and the lower fog lights. These doors use the gull-wing doors that are common in supercars. The door and back cover open like a gliding eagle.

The four L-shaped LED taillights at the rear of the car echo the shape of the headlights and are equipped with four cooling openings. The exhaust pipe is designed in an inverted trapezoidal pattern that looks like a jet jet nozzle with large black diffusers on the left and right sides.

The interior is more traditional, and the oversized mechanical picks behind the steering wheel announce everything. The dashboard and central controls are covered by a large LCD screen, which is exciting. The display in the meter area is full of pretending flexibility, and the R, AUTO and LAUNCH buttons are connected to the display via S-shaped wires, making you feel like you are controlling the iron man.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine, front and rear drive layout. The maximum power can reach 1000hp, the acceleration of 100km is only 2.8 seconds, and the top speed can reach 354km / h. It is said that the fast and violent 8 chose the LYKAN super sport because it was originally intended to be used for chasing scenes. It can be said that it has lost a golden opportunity to become famous, but with its price and strength, it is enough to be discussed by the world.


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