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In the 1980s, the state of private cars was not established until the 1980s, when the state clearly defined the legality of private cars. Cars gradually changed from public funds to diversified consumption. China’s automobile consumption level gradually increased. Then the family car appeared, hoping to invite foreign auto companies to design a car that suits their national conditions, which led to the full stimulation of the demand for cars in the domestic market. However, in the past two years, the SUV has once again made many auto companies, many of which claim to be not the original. Manufactured SUV super sports car brand!

Model: Cayenne
Porsche’s sports car brand, launched more than 70 years ago in Cayenne, sports, the audience is very small, the class facing the consumer group is higher, has the world’s top sports car, but after all, the market is huge, sports cars, space is small, enterprises also Faced with sales and survival issues, Porsche moved so small heads, how to capture more customers, the domestic market was not fully open at the time, because the consumption level can not meet the luxury category, sports and cayenne magical appearance, space can meet the family use mode, Porsche Euphemistically called earning enough money to do sports.

Model: evante

Maserati’s reasoning is finally sitting still. At the launch of the entry-level sports car, Ghibli allowed people to get a trident after three million and launch a SUV evante. Maserati itself has a high-end brand image, for those who have a certain economic foundation. For the sake of personality, Maserati can satisfy their pursuit of luxury goods, and at the same time unearthed a large number of potential customers with SUV.
Alfa Romeo

Model: Stelvio

The design style has personality, the brand also has strong sports, color, Stelvio passion and romance listed in 2017, before GIULIA has also received a lot of attention, it is an emphasis on handling SUV, as a neutral luxury SUV, with other models The strong sports style, the shape is also the overall contour of the body’s sexy energy that people can’t put down. It’s hard to leave a deep impression on the 10-day grille design.

Model: F – PACE
Jaguar’s car is generally very elegant, because its founder is a music dealer, so in addition to excellent power, the jaguar has a special temperament. Her first SUV was f-pace, known as the “sports car SUV.” Many straight lines and rounded corners look simple but dynamic, and the steering is precise. The acceleration of 100 yards will also have a strong sense of pushing back. From all aspects, Jaguar is thought of in this car. The market is open and self-obvious. .


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