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manufacturers from all over the world are in full bloom, and nearly 100 new cars are competing with each other. So what is the most eye-catching car? Of course, there’s nothing like supercars and limited edition magic cars! Here’s a look at some of the best things to see at this year’s Geneva motor show. Aston Martin am-rb 003 The am-rb 003 is aston Martin’s third mid-engine supercar after the Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro, and is positioned in the same class as the ‘tri-god’ ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and porsche 918. The car, still built by aston Martin and red bull, incorporates formula one concepts and technology,

and features the Valkyrie Valkyrie Valkyrie design elements, a large front spoiler and rear diffuser design that generates strong downforce at high speeds. At the same time, the am-rb 003 also applies the most cutting-edge aerospace technology for the first time, making the entire tail wing a variable aerodynamic wing. The downforce of the vehicle can be adjusted without changing the physical Angle of the entire component, thus forming a seamless aerodynamic shape design, further improving performance and efficiency, and reducing wind noise. The doors are in the style of the LMP1, with side doors integrated into the roof, opening up to 45 degrees to make it easier for drivers to get off. The center line of the driver’s seat, steering wheel and pedal is aligned precisely, and the dashboard display is mounted on the steering column, so that the driver’s eyes are not blocked by the wheel rim when viewing the information of the instrument. The am-rb 003 is equipped with aston Martin’s new turbocharged V6 hybrid power system, which is also equipped with the revolutionary Nexcel seal oil system, which can be changed in 90 seconds. Am-rb 003 is aston Martin’s first hybrid system. 10. Aston Martin Vanquish Vision concept car The Vanquish Vision concept is aston Martin’s fourth midengine supercar, following the Valkyrie, Valkyrie AMR Pro and am-rb 003. It is positioned in the same class as the ferrari F8 Tributo and McLaren 720S. The Vanquish Vision is very similar to the am-rb 003 in appearance, but the Vanquish Vision does not have three small air intake ports like the am-rb 003 on the headcover, and the Vanquish Vision does not have an upward exhaust port.

Instead, the Vanquish Vision USES a more traditional backward exhaust design. There are also differences in the design of the rear spoiler for the am-rb 003 and Vanquish Vision concepts. The Vanquish Vision concept is powered by a glued aluminium chassis, reaching new heights in manufacturing cost, speed and weight strength. Powered by aston Martin’s new V6 twin-turbocharged engine, the new car will be in mass production in 2022. Bugatti La Voiture Noire The bugatti La Voiture Noire, named after the French “black car”, is the only car in the world that bugatti made exclusively for Ferdinand piech, the former chairman of the Volkswagen group. The design of La Voiture Noire is inspired by the bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic sports car, which is based on Chiron model. The modeling design is more avant garde and exaggerated than ordinary Chiron. The front face and side are similar to bugatti Divo, but the details are more aesthetic. The tail is completely different from Chiron and Divo.

The shape has been redesigned. The strip taillights running through the tail adopt a wavy dynamic design. La Voiture Noire is powered by the current Chiron’s 8.0-liter W16 four-turbo engine, which has a maximum horsepower of 1,500 RPM and peak torque of 1,600 nm. It is priced at 16.7 million euros, making it the world’s most expensive new car to start. Bugatti Chiron Sport 110th anniversary edition The 110th anniversary edition of Chiron Sport is based on the ordinary Chiron model. The body is painted with a blue matte finish, the matte black wheel rim is equipped with blue brake calipers, the elements of French flag are added to the outer rearview mirror, tail wing and fuel tank cover plate, and the rear and seat of the center console are added with the exclusive logo of the commemorative edition.

The engine is still powered by an 8.0-liter W16 four-turbo engine with a maximum horsepower of 1,500 RPM, peak torque of 1,600 nm, acceleration time of 2.4 seconds for 0-100km/h and 6.1 seconds for 0-200km/h. Koenigsegg Jesko Named after Jesko von Koenigsegg, the father of Koenigsegg’s CEO, the new car’s body continues Regera’s design elements with a more exaggerated aerodynamic design, equipped with a large front spoiler, wind knife and large tail wing, full of combat style. The interior continues koenicek’s minimalist design style, but the dashboard is fully LCD, with a 9-inch SmartCenter center LCD screen for multimedia control, bluetooth connection, vehicle mode control and other operations, which makes it more technological. Koenigsegg Jesko carrying is a 5.0 -liter V8 turbocharged engine, a maximum 1280 horsepower, peak torque of 1500 meters, a maximum of up to 1600 horsepower when adding E85 biofuels, matching new 9 speed LST gearbox, can change the clutch and gear meshing mechanism to achieve more rapid ascending/descending gear, top speed of 300 miles (482 km/h). Production of the new cars will be limited to 125 units, with annual production of 40 to 50, and prices are expected to start at $3 million. McLaren Speedtail Speedtail is based on McLaren’s new carbon fiber body structure and is extremely lightweight at just 1430KG. At more than 5.1m, Speedtail looks slimmer than previous McLaren models. For more efficient aerodynamic design, Speedtail’s front wheels are enclosed to reduce wind drag, while the tail is replaced by an innovative flexible carbon fiber material. The McLaren Speedtail USES the same three-seater layout as the McLaren F1, with the steering wheel centered on the center console and the passenger seat behind the main driver seat on either side. Most of the physical keys, such as the one-button start and push-button shift system, are moved to the roof above the main driving position, and the center console is equipped with three large-sized LCD screens to display vehicle information. Speedtail also has a virtual rearview mirror that allows the driver to see the rear of the car through levitated displays on either side of the center console. Speedtail is a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo plus electric motor hybrid system, which is more powerful than the McLaren P1 hybrid system. It has a combined maximum horsepower of 1035 horses, a 0-300km/h acceleration time of 12.8 seconds (2.7 seconds faster than P1), and a top speed of 402km/h, making it the fastest car in McLaren’s history. The new car, which will start production in 2019, will cost $2.24 million and have a limited run of 106 units. It has sold out and will be delivered in early 2020. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster The exterior design of the new car is basically the same as the hardtop version. The biggest difference is that the new car adopts a two-piece removable hardtop convertible structure. The roof is made of carbon fiber and each piece weighs 6KG. The power is still 6.5 l V12 natural aspirated engine, with a maximum of 770 HP and 720 nm, 0-100km/h acceleration time of 2.9 seconds (hard top version of 2.8 seconds), limited to 800 units, domestic price of 8,296,758 RMB, which will be delivered this summer. Ferrari F8 Tributo The F8 Tributo is a new mid-sized V8 sports car launched by ferrari as an alternative to the 488 GTB. The F8 Tributo body has been comprehensively upgraded and redesigned in appearance, with more complex lines and narrower headlights. The open-type design on the rear window salutes to the F40, and the rear end continues the design elements of the 812 model, with a four-turn tail light design on both sides, and is equipped with a larger tail diffuser. The new styling design results in a 10% increase in the aerodynamic efficiency of the F8 Tributo body compared to the 488 GTB, and a continuation of the 488 Pista’s s-seal aerodynamic design for an overall 15% increase in downforce and 40kg reduction in weight compared to the 488 GTB. The F8 Tributo features an all-new HMI human-computer interface, circular air vents, a new steering wheel and a new 7-inch passenger-side touchscreen, and rear Windows inspired by the F40. The F8 Tributo is powered by the same 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine as the 488 Pista, which has a maximum horsepower of 720 horsepower, a peak torque of 770 nm, an acceleration time of 2.9 seconds for 0-100km/h, 7.8 seconds for 0-200km/h, and an acceleration speed of 340km/h. The lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder The exterior of the lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder is a continuation of the hardtop design. The biggest difference is that the roof has a drophead structure, which can open or close the top in 17 seconds at 50km/h. The new car is still powered by the same 5.2-liter V10 naturally aspirated engine as the hardtop, with a maximum horsepower of 640 horses and a peak torque of 600 n · meters, a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.1 seconds and a maximum speed of 325km/h. The new car will be available this year for 202,437 euros in Europe, 181,781 pounds in the U.K., $287,400 in the U.S., 3,650,000 yuan in China and 32,827,602 yen in Japan. Bentley continental GT Number 9 Edition The continental GT 9 special edition was launched by the Mulliner division based on the new continental GT to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bentley brand. The car was inspired by the 1930 le mans 24-hour endurance racecar Blower no. 9, with a white “no. 9” logo and a union jack and “no. 9” logo on the front wing plate. The car has a two-color retro theme, with a scaly metal panel on the center console, a gold ring on the top of the handle, a “Blower” word printed on the seat, and a Mulliner clock on the center console in collaboration with British Jaeger. There are no significant changes in configuration or power, and the new car will be sold in a limited number of 100 units worldwide. Pininfarina Battista Positioned as a pure electric Hypercar, the new car has an extremely fluid body shape with a dynamic aerodynamics system, 21-inch lightweight wheel rim and a six-piston carbon-ceramic brake system. Inside, the new car has a large screen on each side of the steering wheel that displays information about the vehicle’s operation and some of its operations. The main and secondary seats use two different color collocation, very visual impact. The vehicle driven by four electric motor, the carrying capacity of 120 KWH Rimac battery pack, maximum output power of 1397 kw (1900), peak torque of 2300 meters, the accelerating time of 0-100 km/h in 2 seconds, the accelerating time of 0-300 km/h in 12 seconds, speed limit at 350 km/h, full charge state of maximum range of 450 kilometers, global set limit to 150 units, is expected to sell for about $2 million, 2020. Said in the last In the past 2018, the sales of most ultra-luxury car manufacturers around the world have increased compared with previous years, and even many ultra-luxury car manufacturers have reached the record sales of their brands. With such a great trend, they have accelerated the pace of updating existing models and introducing more sub-models.


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