Is the niche car from Croatia faster than Ferrari?


Remember Rimac Concept One? The all-electric Croatian sports car almost killed the Mole.
Rimac Concept One,
During the second season of The Grand Tour, Mole Richard Hammond overturned his Rimac Concept One and caught fire in the second season. Galen, Switzerland, mountaineering activities. However, throughout the second season, it became a joke about the “gorilla” and “captain” “mole”.

The Rimac Concept One is equipped with a 90kWh battery pack, four motors, 1242 horsepower and 1600nm. The speed of the electronic system is limited to 355km / h. However, this is not the strongest performance. Rimac Concept Two was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, with an acceleration time of 100 km, 1.97 seconds.

What is the concept of a 100 km acceleration time of 1.97 seconds? This corresponds to an average acceleration of 14.1 m / s square, which is 1.44 grams. If you are a bad person, you may not be able to move at full speed.

The Rimac Concept Two is also designed with four motors, each of which independently drives one wheel, without any transmission mechanism in between, relying solely on electronic differential. Under the conditions of high-speed bending, starting, braking, etc., the system can accurately match the power output of each wheel, and cooperate with the electric brake boosting system to truly realize the four-wheel drive capability, such as “crawling power” flexibility.

The combined power output of the four motors reaches 1914 horsepower and 2300 nanometers. The 0-100km / h acceleration time is 1.97 seconds, the 0-300km / h acceleration time is 11.8 seconds, and the top speed is 412km / h.

Under NEDC conditions, the battery pack has a capacity of 120 kWh and a comprehensive range of 650 km.

In the fast charging mode, the charging power can reach 250kW, which can charge 80% of the battery in half an hour.

The fully electrified Rimac Concept Two makes autonomous driving easier. Rimac Concept Two is officially claimed to have a level 4 driving capability, which means that the vehicle is highly autonomous and can perform all driving actions without the driver’s attention, but to determine the road and driving conditions.

The inherent advantages of the motor enable the Rimac Concept Two to achieve performance levels that are difficult to achieve with traditional supercars. However, most of the time, we like super sports cars, such as the roar of large-displacement engines, shifting gears, and feeling the rise and fall of engine speed. They are all electric motors. This is a bit boring, don’t you think?


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