If supercars are so expensive, why are they so vulnerable when they hit?


ue to its cool shape, aggressive performance and high price tag, super sports cars have always attracted the attention of fans and consumers everywhere.

In addition to new car releases, game broadcasts and test drive reviews, super sports cars are more likely to appear in television news reports. Looking at these high-priced “stunts” is unrecognizable, regret can not help but cause people to think: Why is the super collision broken? Is this fragile? Why is it always hurt?

Supercars often put a lot of effort into improving performance in light-duty vehicles. Carbon fiber is often used, light weight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. When subjected to strong external forces, the carbon fiber material will be broken directly to break down the impact force, thus protecting the driver.

The last point is the driver’s driving habits. As the saying goes, “Nine out of ten accidents are very fast, and one case is no exception.” Many super sports cars are very powerful after driving, and their temper is very violent. If the operation is not easy to lose control of the accident. Some supercar owners have the habit of violent driving, so it is not surprising that their vehicles are eventually destroyed.

Supercars are cool, but if you want to enjoy driving, you should leave the track. Drive carefully in your daily life and be safe first.


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