The cost of a new custom Bugatti model is six times the $18 million!


As a century-old sports car brand, Bugatti’s reputation is almost unparalleled, from its clever car manufacturing technology to the crazy 100-kilometer acceleration, but its $3 million price is equally daunting.

Recently, foreign media reported that Bugatti will launch a special customized model at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Producing only one new model, the price will reach 18 million US dollars, six times the $3 million we just mentioned.

The car is believed to be owned by Ferdinand Pitch, chairman of the former Volkswagen Group. In fact, Ferdinand Pitch and Bugatti have a long history. After Volkswagen bought Bugatti in 1998, Paige proposed the Bugatti project to create the world’s largest number of cylinders.

The new Bugatti, custom-made by Ferdinand Pitch, will be based on the existing Bugatti Chiron chassis and will continue to operate on the 8.0-liter four-turbo W16 engine. In terms of design, while inheriting the Bugatti family design language, the details will also be optimized to highlight the unique identity of its unique customization.

At the same time, media reports show that Ferdinand Piech is a huge Bugatti fan, with at least two Bugatti models, each with an abbreviation of the name of the lover.


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