This is a super sports car you may have never seen before, but you will fall in love with the cockpit.


AD Tramontana is a limited-edition supercar from Spain. This super sports car has a unique front and rear cockpit model that produces only 12 cars per year. The 5.5-litre V12 twin-turbo mid-engine (888hp / 93.78kgm) is driven by a 7-speed sequential transmission to the rear wheels with a drag coefficient of 0.40 and a 100-meter acceleration of only 3.5 seconds.

It debuted at the Geneva Motor Show for the first time ten years ago and has only recently begun to sell. It is the only supercar that is superficially combined with fighters and Formula One.

Maybe it’s very rare, I want to improve the exposure of Tramontana in the SEMA Show, so I went to the Vilner Vehicle Art Factory and have a lot of international experience, I hope to create a “Golden Curse” super sports car, but can not take away the body matte Black paint. In terms of interior level, first Vilner jumps into mainstream sports colors, with “lizard texture” gold leather on the seat and interior trim panels, other speakers, meter boxes, seat belts, and steering wheel are crafted in gold, such as the cockpit In retro style, the seat looks like an ancient throne, especially the shape of the steering wheel, the material and the Vilner’s N-button position are perfectly aligned. As for the appearance, the gold bars are mainly decorated with decorative frames, which are also reflected on the front and the headlights.


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