Bugatti’s 5,000-horsepower supercar is a long way away, with a speed of 1.8 seconds at 100 km.


How much horsepower do you have to run a car on the road? If I tell you that the answer to this question is 5,000 horsepower, would you believe me?

Implemented in a little-known Dubai supercar company, they built a five-kilometer supercar, which is called Devel Sixteen, which is more daring than the Ferrari and Lamborghini. The car is very sharp and the arrow is pointed. The anterior, anterior and arrowhead front cover on both sides of the body, as well as the huge carbon fiber spoiler, as well as the very slender LED headlights, are damaged. It uses a traditional super-engine layout, and the cockpit-shaped blisters feel very futuristic.

It uses a very unique approach to gull-wing doors, traditionally appearing from the rear of small-diameter pipes, where the car directly evolves into a shape similar to the diameter of the fighter nozzle, the large exhaust port, the internal design is also in violation of the convention, the dashboard is not redundant The physical key, the instrument panel and the LCD panel LCD screen replace the suspension type. The white combination of ALCantara material has a high-end car and some technological sense. Its power is the most amazing place. It is the row of 12.3 liter V16 four-turbo engine. The amount of horsepower is 5,007 horses. It takes only 1.8 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers and the top speed can reach 560 kilometers, far exceeding the maximum speed of Bugatti.

With $203,000, these versions start at $1.6 million, and top models cost $2.2 million, or more than $15 million, which can even scare the Ferrari bugatti.


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