Give me a name. Calculate the name of the supercar you know. How much do you know?


The concept of “super sports car” has always been the theme of the amazing and unreachable dreams of most people. For me, just look at them, but it won’t affect my love and affection for them.

Today we are going to talk about some of the super sports car nicknames you have heard before.
Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari enzo is the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari brand and can’t be bought even if you have money. After all, the global limited edition is 399 cars, which is a super rare breed.

Enzo was nicknamed “The King of Horses” because of the power of the Ferrari stallion’s logo and performance. Powered by a 6.0-litre V12 engine, the Ma King has a maximum output of 660 hp and is matched to the 6-speed sequential transmission on the F1. Such a powerful power system can achieve acceleration from 3.3 to 0-100km / h and a maximum speed of 350km / h. This is Ma Wang.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Then enzo talked about enzo’s successor, LaFerrari. At present, Ferrari’s flagship supercar LaFerrari has a unique nickname, “Popular Rule”.

Since it is the flagship model of Ferrari, the power must be better than blue. The popular method uses a hydraulic hybrid system with a 6.3-liter V12 self-priming engine, a maximum output of 800 hp, and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission for the Formula 1 car. With a 3-second acceleration time of 0-100km / h and a top speed of over 350km / h, the complex hybrid system enables the sizzling method to achieve unprecedented driving performance in a super sports car. This Ferrari is very hot.

McLaren P1

The McLaren brand is certainly not as famous as Ferrari, but it is also good at building supercars.

The McLaren P1 is one of McLaren’s signature models. The nickname for P1 is “Smile Killer.” The smile represents the bright shape of the P1 lamp, like a smiling eye, and the “killer” represents its ability to smash the same level supercar.

Powered by a 3.8t V8 twin-turbo engine, the P1 has a maximum output of 737 hp and is compatible with the F1’s 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The P1 is also a hybrid supercar with a KERS kinetic energy recovery system on the F1 that produces 179 horsepower and over 900 horsepower.

With powerful horsepower technology, the P1’s 0-100km / h acceleration time is 2.8 seconds, and the top speed can exceed 380km / h. This “smile killer” is fast enough.
Bugatti Vega

Bugatti Veyron is registered as weihang in China, but fans prefer to call it bugatti veyron.
Bugatti Airlines can be said to be the “carrier” of super sports cars. why? This is because it is powered by a 8.0t W16 quad-turbo engine with a maximum output of 1,001 horsepower and a speed of 407km / h, while the super-sport version has a maximum output of 1200 horsepower and a speed of 437km / h, compatible with vw DSG Dual clutch transmission. The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 2.5 seconds, the acceleration time of 0-200km / h is 7.3 seconds, and the acceleration time of 0-300km / h is 16.7 seconds.

This exaggerated acceleration and speed is refreshing, and the Bugatti Veyron weighs over 1.8 tons, which is too fat for supercars because of its huge engine and sturdy body. Therefore, Bugatti Veyron’s nickname is “Fat Dragon”, which is more bloated than other super sports cars, but this “fat dragon” runs too fast.


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