Is Lamborghini the coolest sports car in the world? Stop now! That’s because you have never seen a Swedish supercar!


When you see Lamborghini, you might think it’s cool, even the coolest supercar in the world. But the appreciation of Vapor GT by Swedish famous design company Gray Design may change your mind. At least, I have been brainwashed. Although similar to Lamborghini’s design style, by contrast, it is a world, an underground!

The Vapor GT is made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber and weighs only 900kg. A large number of edge and angle design elements give a delicate sculptural feel that makes the vehicle look new. Although it can’t exert elegance on its body, it shows an extreme domineering! As a pure man, this has been deeply touched!

The front-mounted lightning-emitting LED headlights are decorated with metal paint and the underside features a large aerodynamic package that is only shocking.

The shape of the rear of the car also has a sci-fi feel. The narrow and long LED taillights are embedded in the wide bottom, while the thick exhaust pipes are hidden in the vents on both sides, making them look very sporty!

The body is open-top, the front windshield is reinforced and the interior is made of a large amount of carbon fiber, which reduces the weight of the vehicle. It seems that luxury goods are not strong, but the performance of sports has been effectively improved!

The Vapor GT, which is mounted on the supercharged Ford Duratec 2.0-liter engine, looks sluggish, but it can accelerate to 100 km in 3.2 seconds and weighs only 900 kg.
Vapor GT is just a concept, but GrayDesign says that if people are willing to buy, we will be happy to create a unique customized version for our customers!


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