World-renowned supercars, some of which you have never heard of


Despite the days of the express train, most of us, besides fans and potential fans, still have darkness against these colorful, roaring monsters. Then we thought of this topic, in addition to those encyclopedias that can be used as the world’s sports car brand, you can also see a variety of sports car brand logo pictures and sports car legendary models.
Alfa Romeo

The company, known as the Romantic Shakespeare Youth, is one of the most sporty car manufacturers in Italy, and Alfa Romeo, which is designed to make high-end sports cars, has always been sporty. Alfa Romeo has experienced many twists and turns in history, but today the iconic inverted triangle air intake still exists, far exceeding the world super sports car stage.

Founded in 1914, Maserati is the successor of the Italian racing spirit. In the past century, many legendary cars and sports cars have appeared. Maserati represents extraordinary exquisite, timeless style, strong emotions and, most importantly, dreams come true.

For the first time in contact with a car, the Ferrari word is almost a representative of a super sports car. The success of the red mane Ferrari in the supercar is still unbeatable.

The birth of Lamborghini and Ferrari has a long history. If it is not because of the contempt of Enzo Ferrari, maybe the bull will not be born. However, a dramatic and coincidental history allows us to see the most artistic wedge design concepts. Today’s Lamborghini is the representative of the world supercar and the business card of the Italian supercar.

When it comes to the fastest supercar, you will think of Bugatti, but what you may not know is that in the small Modena, Pagani, a super sports car manufacturer with excellent performance and exquisite craftsmanship, making super sports cars, Bugatti can’t be taken lightly.
Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s flowing British supercar blood has left countless people addicted to the British complex. The unique positioning and design concept of the car makes Aston Martin an alternative to the super sports car field. It combines energy and elegance, passion and demeanor, and people can’t help but be intoxicated and become the exclusive driving of the 007 series, let the world know the British car brand.

McLaren is the name we often see in Formula One racing, and Vodafone Mercedes McLaren is one of the most successful teams in Formula One, producing famous drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Jane. Sen button. And McLaren’s McLaren Cars, McLaren is based on the 1989 formula, based on the team of road carmakers’ experts, the McLaren supercar, a number of elements of application, We can see that F1 is one of the best car manufacturers in the field of automobile production and MinYongHua of McLaren F1 technology.

Porsche is the youngest member of Volkswagen. Its founder, Ferdinand Porsche, has a legendary history with Volkswagen and Audi. So it is no exaggeration to say that Ferdinand Porsche is a genius. Since its inception in 1930, Porsche has developed a unique feature in the history of automotive manufacturing for more than 80 years. In today’s Porsche sports car, we can still see these classic design elements. Such as unforgettable frog eye lights.
Silver Bay

Silbey is the Chinese translation of Shelby Supercars, followed by Supercars, which indicates that the company’s goal is to build high-end super sports cars. The company was founded in 1999 by American car enthusiast Jerod Shelby and is headquartered in Washington. Founder Shelby grew up in Washington and has been a lifelong fan of racing culture, dreaming of setting up his own sports car company. Now he has it. Like Pagani, Shelby has been referring to today’s fastest sports car since the first product launch.

Koenigsegg is a Swedish supercar manufacturer founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg to produce world-class sports cars. On February 28, 2005 in Italy, the test driveway, a CCR driven by Rohrsby and the CCR, which produced the car’s specifications, ran at a speed of 387.87 km/h, breaking the steepest amount in the world. Producing cars, the McLaren F1 team in 1993 in VW Ehra – Lessien, Wolfsburg, Germany, at the top speed of 386.7 km / h, and proved the Guinness World afterwards Record.

As an old factory with more than 100 years of history, Spyker has always maintained a unique brand style. Their cars are handmade, and many of the indicators are F1. As a well-known luxury sports car manufacturer, Spyker manufactures a luxury sports car tailored to the needs of its customers. For Spyker, everything is possible. On the other hand, it reflects Spyker’s business philosophy and personal subjective attitude, the company hopes that spyker owners can create the most advanced and uniquely designed in the world.


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