When these super sports cars are in front of you, do you know how to open the doors?


If someone asks, what is your ultimate goal? Can you tell him loudly, “BMW cars, beautiful women, big houses”? It seems that no matter when, people’s pursuit of cars has never stopped. Since it is the ultimate goal, then natural fantasy has its own luxury car –
Is this a Lamborghini riding in the west, is there a beautiful woman? Or driving a Ferrari on a passionate road? Or go out of a Rolls Royce, smile and do business… Well, rush to pack up, take out the light and look straight into the eyes, these world’s top super running in front of you, certainly open, but ask you You find the door and know how to open the door?

Representative model: Lamborghini

This may be the first car I thought of. Produced by Italian car manufacturers, this is the world’s top luxury sports car. In addition to the bold and welcoming look, once you see it, the unique way to open the door is hard to forget. Lamborghini’s “scissors door” subverts the traditional way of opening the door outwards by hinges. This is so named because the shape of the opening is very similar to scissors. Scissors doors have become a popular choice for young people, but they are hard to afford without money.
Representative model: pagani

Speaking of the ability to pretend, we have to mention the type of seagull, which is also known as the gull-wing type, which is a better understanding. The door hinge structure is directly connected to the door on the roof, and the door opens directly upward on the axis of the roof hinge, so the front shape is like a seagull with wings.

Remember Batman’s pagani? Do you think his car is driving like a seagull on the wing? This design is not only dynamic personality, but also more convenient for passengers to enter and leave the trunk. Many people see the door open like a door, feeling elegant and romantic.
【 revolving door 】
Representative model: koenigsegg

The Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg may not be familiar with some of you, but the brand’s sports car is the fastest car in the world today. In addition, the revolving door is also the original design of koenigsegg, and its model is equipped with such a door. The revolving door is a collection of various door types and has many advantages, so it looks like a scissor door, like the sea door, like the butterfly door, but also saves space on both sides of the vehicle than the scissor door, but also overcomes the seagull The disadvantage of the door entering and leaving the space. With a fixed fulcrum, the door is extended, rotated and moved forward to complete the entire opening. Just looking at the driver’s door is the ultimate enjoyment. Unfortunately, koenigsegg has long since moved away from the Chinese market and can only enjoy it through photos.

Representative model: Porsche

As a classic sports car, Porsche’s opening method is more open, such as the 918. This model uses a lift door design that flips the traditional door up and down through the hinge, but on the structure of the elevator door and the classic Lamborghini scissors. The door has the same effect, the basic structure, but is more economical than the scissors lift door to door space.

However, in general, the Porsche door design does seem to be “just right” compared to other top brands. The door hits the door handle, or the small groove with the crack is equipped with a switch, although not so gaudy, but everything Can’t stop it from having the steadiness of a supercar.
Butterfly door
Representative model: Ferrari

The name sounds beautiful and elegant, and of course it is one of the most classic Ferrari appearances. Its hinge is mounted on or near the fender of the pillar A, and the door is opened forward and upward by the hinge, hence the name “butterfly door”, because the door is lifted diagonally like a butterfly’s wings. However, many people say they can’t tell the butterfly door from the scissors door. I will tell you that the overall structure of the two doors is similar, but the butterfly door is more open, so when you see two similar doors, the butterfly door is wider. In addition, I would like to say that the cost of such an expensive door is to earn money!

Representative model: Rolls Royce, Maybach

The word “expensive” seems to be a measure of a man made by Royce. The aristocratic atmosphere like this has been used by many successful people as the best reflection of his taste, indicating the goddess logo worth 300,000 stations. People have to let Royce stop the fantasy. Rolls-Royce uses the open door, which evolved from the carriage door. You recall the veterans of the old movie, wearing expensive dresses to participate in various important occasions, and slowly and elegantly walk out of the carriage scene…

It is worth mentioning that the door is also known as the “door of suicide”, which is y


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