A supercar that can run both on the track and on the road – ferrari 488


A porsche and the major automakers have replaced the turbo engine, that time has come for a turbocharged, although many like large displacement of the naturally aspirated drivers are reluctant to accept the fact, but indeed turbocharged has become the mainstream of automotive engine, including the production of the supercar famous ferrari, also in ferrari’s 458 launch of the new generation after generation of 3.9 T 488 GTB adopted double turbo engine, means that naturally aspirated era is over.

First ferrari 488 GTB changes are the most intuitive car keys, modelling of the new car keys than the previous generation of how many times I wonder how beautiful, on the body appearance and generation are too similar, for the first time to see the appearance of the 488 s it is difficult to discern the difference from the previous generation 458, although in appearance to carry on the style of the generation of 458, but ferrari is official release of the new 488 models of 85% of the parts are new, but from the front face is light and the changes of body side line is not particularly evident, in fact this is the upgrade of whole vehicle.

Ferrari 488 GTB in appearance apply the aerodynamics to perfection, former China open, on both sides of the car body, and the rear part is equipped with air diversion components, in order to reduce the air resistance, before the face of spoiler to import more air to heat radiator, automobile body side very clearly the two gigantic air inlet air to enter from here is divided into two parts after the air into the engine from the air into the cooling system of the rest of the below to reduce the resistance from the rear bodywork, even the door knob shape for aerodynamic optimization.

Sit into the cockpit of the ferrari 488 GTB, you will find that the car is not like other supercar space is too cramped, whole car style did not change too much, including the ignition switch on the steering wheel and turn signal is still maintain the original position, the steering wheel integrated vehicle control most of the functionality, hands in the process of driving without leaving the steering wheel can do most of the operation. Ferrari 488 and other brands of auto start and drive a slightly different way, and started to dial into gear shifting fragment to drive, need idle hands down upon and at the same time shift up two dial the piece, if not open before the ferrari car, very easy to use, a small upgrade dashboard and vehicle-mounted multimedia, the overall simple and practical, functional operation is very clear and easy to understand.

Dashboard with a total of three display area, two side is the driving of computer and multimedia display, in the middle is a gun barrel modelling the tachometer combat breath seem to be quite strong, driving computer area shows that the content of the rich besides the most common function of the turbine, lap and vehicle state, such as data, multimedia screen can also display on the right side of the navigation, although is not color screen, display effect is extremely clear.

To buy the car friends believe that it is not important for storage space to see, but ferrari in the vehicle storage, compared to the generation of improved on storage capacity, on the position of side of the instrument panel and a storage space, can be placed in the process of driving mobile money and other small objects, front have a deeper luggage space, standard size boarding case no pressure at all.

On the power side, the 458GTB carries a 3.9t twin-turbo engine, which is 100 horsepower more on paper than the previous 458, a remarkable improvement in performance when the power is on call just by pressing the accelerator. There is no hypocrisy in the steering wheel turning, pointing very accurate, full direction of less than two turns.

In general, this ferrari is a perfect combination of supercar handling and comfort. Unlike other supercar rigid chassis adjustments, it retains the gene of fury while maintaining the comfort of daily walking. The reason why ferrari can dominate in the super run market for many years, in addition to ferrari’s own top brand charm, more is ferrari for a long time to their own brand connotation and values of in-depth cultivation.


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