Stop talking about the discomfort of the long-distance running! McLaren’s new GT sports car makes you satisfied


Speed-based supercars never pay attention to the driver’s experience: whether it’s the roar of the engine or the extreme metamorphosis of sitting, they are not for long-distance driving. Many people say, “That’s why I don’t buy a supercar!” Now, for those who say they don’t buy a supercar, McLaren has already heard your request because it feels uncomfortable for a long journey.
McLaren has announced a preview of their new GT sports car Grand Tourer, which will be available in the UK on May 15.
McLaren officials said the new GT Roadster will redefine the concept of a high-speed long-distance wagon designed to provide users with a comfortable driving experience. “This will be a combination of performance and off-road capability designed for long-distance driving, providing comfort and space, just like a large station wagon,” said CEO Mike Flewitt.
Highlights: high speed, long distance, and comfort. In other words: our McLaren supercar will be comfortable for long distances.
Last year, McLaren launched Track 25, a £1.2 billion project that plans to launch 18 new or derivative models by 2025. 100% of its new Sport and Super models will be gasoline-electric hybrids. The debut of the new GT sports car is the fourth model in the Track 25 program and the only luxury GT sports car after the McLaren Speedtail hyper-gt.

(McLaren Speedtail hyper-gt)
McLaren’s new GT sports car is positioned on the GT super sports car with long-lasting endurance, so it does not use the combat design style of the low traditional super sports car. After all, integrated supercars also need to ensure the accessibility of certain roads.

The trailer shows the car’s iconic McLaren design, featuring sharp, simple wedge-shaped headlights. In addition, the long and narrow taillights are extremely recognizable, the tail design is full of three-dimensional and double exhaust. Compared to other models in the home, this new GT sports car is designed to be more docile. Its taillights, rear spoiler and diffuser are designed to be softer and more luxurious, comfortable and elegantly positioned.

Previously, foreign media exposed the new McLaren GT road test spy photos. Although highly camouflaged, you can still see the aggressive front face of the new car. The relatively simple headlights and the large air intake at the bottom make the front face of this GT sports car very fierce.

On the other hand, the new car still has the proportion of the mid-engine sports car, while the large-side air intake indicates it.

At the rear, the narrow taillights of the new car are horizontally designed and connected to the central trim strip to create a penetration effect and stretch the visual effect. At the same time, the new car is equipped with dual exhausts, a large grille at the bottom and a diffuser at the bottom for a sporty feel.

In terms of power, the official has not yet released specific information, but the car industry is full of hype, the new car is likely to use the 4.0t V8 twin-turbo engine.
Conclusion: It can be seen that McLaren is no longer satisfied with the super sports car market at this stage. The launch of the new GT sports car not only improved its product range, but also showed that McLaren intends to expand into other market segments. In line with this trend, it is impossible for McLaren to launch an SUV in the future.


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