Super sports cars are worth looking forward to, such as Bugaron!


Bugatti may have many features, but accessibility is not one of them. It should be: exclusive and exotic. In fact, releasing millions of dollars needed to buy a car may be one of the biggest barriers to car ownership.

When the Alsace car manufacturer launched Chiron in 2016, it promised to produce only 500 Chiron cars, slightly higher than the 450 Veyron cars it replaced.
The source confirmed to me that Bugatti has delivered more than 180 such vehicles since then. About a quarter of the products are currently being acquired by North American buyers. In addition, the company’s orders have filled the production time of nearly three years.

“This means that less than 100 of the 500 vehicles are still on sale,” said Bugatti Communications Director Tim Bravo. If you manage to make sure that one of the last slots is yours, you should not expect your 16-cylinder supercar to arrive at your doorstep by 2022. Of course, you can expect to pay a high price to get a discount on driving ahead.

Chiron is listed for $2.998 million and Chiron Sport is available for $3.26 million. In the North American market, this is the basic selling price, excluding options, and Bugatti’s elite customers spend an average of about $350,000 to buy, which is higher than the base price.


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