Five hundred billion siebel roadster, the most expensive one by silber


Silber was founded in 1999 by American Jerod Shelby, aiming to build only high-end supercar series. Since its establishment, silber has launched a total of four products, including Aero, Ultimate Aero, Ultimate Aero TT and Tuatara. The Ultimate Aero TT sells for more than 40 million yuan and the Tuatara for 50 million yuan, which is currently the most expensive model available from silbey.

Silber created the Ultimate Aero in 2007, which was supposed to challenge the bugatti veyron. In fact, it broke the guinness world record for Ultimate speed.

A few years later, the Tuatara silbe supercar was unveiled one after another. On August 5, 2011, the Tuatara, a new generation supercar, was unveiled at hang long plaza in Shanghai for a three-day exhibition activity. At the same time, it announced the brand’s official entry into the Chinese market. The event also marks the debut of the SSC Tuatara supercar in the Asian market.

Tuatara, whose Chinese name is Tuatara, is a New Zealand reptile, and looks like a bionics design. The reptile’s name, which translates in Maori, means “the sharp wing tips on the rear of the new SSC on the back, which is aptly named for its resemblance.

Meanwhile, as a unique creature, Tuatara has the fastest evolving DNA in the world (Tuatara has not evolved since the age of dinosaurs), which is quite appropriate for sibel’s brand soul. Tuatara designer Jason castetta and his team are really well-meaning.

As a supercar, 100km acceleration is an important measure. The Tuatara is equipped with silbe’s self-developed 7.0-liter twin-turbo engine, which has a maximum power of 1,350 horsepower, and is compatible with a 7-speed SMG sequential or 7-speed manual h-type gearbox.

The powertrain design, which allows the Tuatara to accelerate at just 2.78 seconds per 100km, gets into the 2-second club and has a top speed of 275 MPH, making siebel the guinness world’s fastest production car again. So 50 million sibel sports car, do you think it is expensive?


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