Top luxury car sound maserati


Maserati is an extraordinary and emotional vehicle born of Italian craftsmanship and modern technology. It is a masterpiece of art, a perfect combination of human craftsmanship and modern technology.

Maserati is a traditional Italian technology meets the birth of modern science and technology and special driving seat of rich and distinctive emotions, it is a masterpiece of art perfect fusion of the human essence of the arts and crafts and modern science and technology innovation. So natural to look for a luxury car car stereo matching, after carefully chosen, the owner is the most like Denmark Dan take S242 suit trumpet playing effect.
Configuration, sound source using the original engine plus Italy odie I Bit one processor, the audio sound field before and after using the Danish Dan S242 suits the horn, with a Italian poetry li jas FA475X amplifier and an Italian she push FA2150 amplifiers, rear Italy Hertz HX300 subwoofer speakers, at the same time with the Italian Hertz HCP1D push bass power amplifier.

Top luxury car sound upgrade maserati modified danner set speakers
At first, the Russian STP sound insulation was applied to maserati. Russian STP, military-grade sound insulation, can not only reduce the noise inside the car during driving, but also improve the sound pressure and tone color of the car audio.


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