Ferrari designer to build, speed over bugatti, silber 1000 horsepower monster understand next!


The super sports car brand SSC (silbe) may seem strange to you, but it is the only one who can stand up to bugatti and koenigsegg CCXR. In 2007, the first SSC sports car Ultimate Aero broke the world record for the fastest production car with a maximum speed of 414km / h. Just three years later, SCC teamed up with former Ferrari designer Jason Castriota to create the second sports car, SSC Tuatara.

Now, after seven years of silence, SSC Tuatara is finally in production, and this month’s car debuted at the Pebble Beach Auto Show. From the comparison of the trailer and the prototype, the mass production model largely retains the prototype body line, and the low-profile shape presents a sports car posture with a very fighting atmosphere.

The shape of the tail also shows strong inheritance. The rear spoiler remains on both sides of the prototype tail. It looks different. The “e” shaped taillights are well recognized, and the rear bumper is also designed with a large area of ??cooling network. It looks sharper than the prototype. The layout of the exhaust pipe has been changed to a double-out design with a triangular center.

There are no official details about the power of the mass production version. According to the prototype, the new car may be equipped with a 6.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a maximum output of 1,369 hp. In terms of performance, foreign media speculated that this new car may recapture the title of “the world’s fastest production car” from the Bugatti super sports.


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