Silbe Tuatara, the world’s fastest sports car


The company was founded just to build a high-end supercar. The company was founded in 1999 by American car enthusiast Jerod Shelby and is headquartered in Washington. Founder Jerod Shelby grew up in Washington, DC, loves racing culture and dreams of setting up his own sports car company. As an adult, this determination has become stronger and stronger, and he hopes to realize his dream of running fast under his own power.

Silber has launched four products since its inception, Aero, Ultimate Aero, Ultimate Aero TT and Tuatara. The Ultimate Aero TT can be sold for more than $40 million, while the main silbey car, the Tuatara, can be sold for as much as $50 million. Such a high price is worthy of the title of the most expensive automobile brand in the world.

In 2011, SSC launched the new super sports car Tuatara prototype designed by former benifarina / bestone designer Jason Castriota, equipped with a 6.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a maximum power of 1,369 hp. Silber SSCTuatara is a super sports car launched by the American company Silber, the fastest running sports car in the world. At that time, it claimed to kill Bugatti in a high-profile manner. For a while, it became the focus of many auras, but now it has disappeared due to financial problems.

Tuatara designer Jason castrota borrowed the characteristics of this animal and applied the new SSC supercar Tuatara to the Tuatara design. Its name is inspired by the modern New Zealand reptile of the same name. Silbey’s second LOGO combined with the first LOGO is refreshing in both appearance and functionality. The sci-fi look has finally shifted from the “Italian style” of the cave to the American-style tunnel.


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