Mercedes – The AMG GT3 is a luxury, a perfect supercar!


In terms of performance car brands, the GT3 seems to be the top choice in the global racing category. In fact, with many brands still expected to participate, the world’s new formula brands have overtaken WRC, F1 and V8 supercars. Sports car enthusiasts are already there, but the GT3 and the closely related GTE category are also beginning to attract the attention of the broader automotive enthusiast community. On a global scale, there seems to be momentum that other categories can only dream of.
There is a local GT champion shamelessly targeting the so-called “gentleman racer”. In fact, the entire rule book for the Australian GT championship revolves around preventing “elite” drivers and factory teams from dominating the class. At least for now… That doesn’t mean, however, that the series won’t appeal to world-class cutting-edge machines.

It’s a very roundabout explanation for why I found myself sitting in Peter Hackett’s AMG GT3 cockpit for three months, which was very spacious.
In the local series, only 24 cars have been built, and the multimillion-dollar coupes are proof of the GT3’s health, both domestic and foreign. In fact, newcomers like you can really shake off the key and relax to illustrate the user-friendliness of this type of car. Hackett’s car is one of two new AMG GT3 models. The car was built by AMG’s customer sports division. Add taxes that are sure to include LCT, spare parts and any type of specification upgrade, such as endurance, and you get a seven-digit local number.
At the end of the GT3’s drive in Sydney’s east stream, mercedes-benz Australia gave us a glimpse of the new C 63 S AMG coupe. A 375kW supercar every day will be a star attraction. However, we have not found GT3. Over time, every time you see the shark-nosed matte coating on the car and hackett provides every extra detail, there’s just more nerve creep.
Hackett has been very kind – he’s been driving mercedes-benz Australian driver training equipment for years – it’s a style – but when I pull on the helmet he makes it clear that any major shutdown could end up creating a very good situation. Very big bill. Further easing any excessive enthusiasm is my copilot today, Stephen white. Finally, to ensure this, the GT3’s traction control and anti-lock braking Settings are elevated below the “total numpty” level.
A system like this can provide more talents, experience and conditions. This does not mean that the GT car can be done quickly without the need for expertise. These are the right players who can run 24/7 and win a 12-hour race like Bathurst. They are also very fast, as their lap times prove – for example, on Phillip island, the GT lap time record was five seconds faster than the V8 supercar.

In the pits of Sydney racing park, you really need some uncertainty, but the first observation is… I’m perfect! Not only in the seat, but in the door… Most professional drivers have fewer mistakes… More than me, but some gentleman racers are not. This and the fact that GT3 is production-based means you have the right opportunity.
The AMG GT3 USES carbon fibre safety seats to provide extra protection against rolling steel – it’s Mercedes, after all. If you enter the contest, the team will create a individually molded seat plug-in. I did a general basis for all short drives on the SMP layout. But it reminds me of the Renault RS rally seat, which, in addition to the GT3 driving on the left, also has a very good driving position – far less than I expected for a lightweight sports car. The a-pillar has A large anti-roll rack, but the line of sight is no worse than my Targa and better than some of the other cars I drive.

A simple pneumatic system allows the pedals and steering wheel to move as a unit to suit me. The seat is still. From a memory perspective, the audi R8 LMS USES a similar setup. I was very nervous, very comfortable.
A pedal is a pedal, and three of them are pedals. The heavy clutch is only used at rest and the vehicle is only set to left-foot braking. The brake pedal itself is large and has a clear guard on the left to keep your foot from slipping off – which is probably a good thing because these things create rhythm and turn. The steering wheel is not a wheel, of course. Better to describe ‘Yoke’ – your hands are a quarter to three. No choice. There are lots of buttons and dials, but the complexity we see in the middle corner of the Lewis and Nico cars is not enough.

With the GT road car shaped binnacle, the assembled digital tachometer and gear pointer can reach your eye. Most of the buttons are on the beam, dashboard and central console, so I don’t need to worry – just the neutral and service channel speed limiter.
Shift the paddle left, right hand can move up, just like y


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