This super car, only one in the world, money can not buy, 100 km speed only 3 seconds


As the benchmark for the automotive industry, super sports cars have always occupied a very special position in the hearts of fans. Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini have become synonymous with cars at the speed of their similar aircraft. Some people may say that super sports cars are not very practical in today’s society. In fact, this view is understandable, and this is a fact. But the ultimate goal is to make the car perform well. This super sports car has only one in the world, and the money can’t be bought. The speed of 100 kilometers is only 3 seconds. Below, a small make-up I went to see.

Lamborghini’s Ferruccio sports car is a concept car launched on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The concept car represents the future direction of the car, and Ferrecucci represents the future direction of the super sports car. Most importantly, there is only one car in the world, which means that funding may not be available. As the saying goes, rarity is precious.

As for the Ferruccio, the engine is equipped with a 5.0-liter V12 direct-injection engine and is equipped with a twin-turbo system. The powerful power unit accelerates the car by 100 kilometers in just three seconds. Of course, the significance of this 3 seconds in the automotive field represents the existence of myths and is very positive. From the appearance point of view, similar to the shape of the blade warrior, it does have advanced consciousness. In addition, two large exhaust pipes are used instead of the vents. At the same time, the exhaust port flashes with huge LED lights, making the exhaust device full of fantastic colors.

For us ordinary people, such a top super sports car is really out of reach. Therefore, it can be seen from a distance that there is no obscenity. However, for the majority of fans, such a car just looks at the picture, but also can get a lot of satisfaction.


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