A few rare Lamborghini


Lamborghini should be a well-known brand, or a famous sports car brand. As a big brand, lamborghini concept car is diverse. The following series will show you some rare lamborghinis, some of which belong to the future, some of which have been forgotten.

The first one is lamborghini-terzo Millennio. Some people think Terzo is a mobile technology testing platform. The emergence of the Terzo is a big challenge to the feasibility of electric sports cars, and it is also a very bold design. . If you understand the concept of the Terzo car name, you will know that this car is still not practical in this era. This car is a typical ideal model of the future, which needs more mature technology to achieve.

The second one is lamborghini-zagato Raptor. This zagato-lamborghini Raptor is a sports car jointly launched by Zagato and Lamborghini. It was officially launched in 1996 and shocked many people. Only a few people own this luxury car because of its innovative design and it is considered to be another excellent sports car after lamborghini diablo.

The third one is lamborghini ignstadt. The car made its debut at a ceremony marking the company’s 50th anniversary. Many owners consider the car an outstanding example of “extreme hedonism” and the most striking concept in lamborghini history. A car. What’s odd is that it has 600 horsepower, and the driver’s seat is either a fighter jet or a single-seater racer, with a high-tech feel all along.

The fourth one is lamborghini mazar. This car was a bold attempt, but it was not mass-produced because it did not conform to modern aesthetics, and many people did not pay attention to it, and it was gradually forgotten. However, the car did very well at auction. It was sold by a wealthy man for $2 million at an auction a few years ago. These are rare lamborghinis that you can identify three cars while losing.


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