How good is lamborghini’s Huracan


It’s the same supercar, the same track experience, and a few laps of coaching, just an explanation of the brand. It must be about how powerful the Lamborghini Huracan is, how fast it accelerates, how hard it is, how cool it looks, how handsome it looks, and how great the brand is. Huracan has long been in everyone’s heart.

Speaking of this, are all super sports cars like this? So far, I have completed a lot of super sports cars, and no one is more powerful than the Huracan shift. At least 488, R8, Maserati GT is relatively stable at low speeds, McLaren feels comfortable.
Although the performance of Huracan is too strong, the most detailed vehicle in the interior is the esoteric Audi manufacturer, the control button on the MMI system, the dashboard is the same new TT, with large screen, navigation, etc. Multimedia information is gathered here, and one is blocked, and the button design is delicate. But many of his peers are inferior in this respect.

Another advantage is that in the interior, it is not that Huracan’s interior work is particularly outstanding, at most like R8, 911 is a level, just because the same level, 2000 km of Ferrari 488, trimmed edge glue penetrates a lot, from In the long run, the seat will wrinkle. I remember reading an article before. It is said that the owner of the car has been driving for many years and found that his car has forgotten the ESP. The manual assembly is good, but the quality is good. The installation depends on the owner’s mood. Maserati uses finger-stitched seams and McLaren’s rough workmanship. In terms of craftsmanship, Huracan’s sturdy craftsmanship is definitely an advantage.
What makes Huracan different from other super sports cars? This is a big problem. If my own opinion is not comprehensive enough, I would like to ask him about the idea of ??rambokiri’s brand manager in China. Therefore, his answer is definitely the design, such as Gallardo, the car was launched in 2003, more than ten years ago, the design is also on the current model, whether the design is updated or not, it looks like yesterday’s design, it seems not outdated And it’s especially unique, so iconic, in your opinion, pulled the car more than ten years ago… just then I heard the whisper behind me. cut! This means that Lamborghini’s design has not changed much in more than a decade.

But in fact, why do some people say that they like Ferrari? Some people say that they like Lamborghini, Martha, etc. They may not have driven a supercar before? Never driving does not mean that you can’t pursue it. It is also attracted by the appearance or brand story. There is also a reason. They are essentially different and outspoken, just like the A6L, E Class and 5 series. There is no difference in driving, but we continue to exaggerate the details.


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