The Lamborghini flagship convertible will be on display with a detachable roof/V12 engine


The Aventador SVJ Roadster USES a large front design. The front bumper continues the embedded side spoilers and intake design, including the new ALA (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) active aerodynamic system. The split design of the front separator extends the visual suspension while providing a airflow path. The exhaust slots on the front bumper used to guide air flow are designed in three dimensions to optimize drag and downforce

The automobile side beam adopts y-shape theme element, the side expands the air inlet, the front side adopts the brand-new design side spoiler, reduces the overall vehicle resistance, improves the vehicle cooling effect. The roof is designed with removable carbon fiber, each weighing about 6 kg, which can be stored in the front luggage compartment. In addition, the electric window lift adjustment is not affected by the roof. The new car comes with custom Pirelli P Zero Corsa rubber wrap custom Nireo tires.

The rear part of the car is equipped with a removable spoiler, and the rear diffuser is equipped with a separated vertical plate, which highlights the shape. By using airflow from the bottom of the vehicle, the underside of the car can be raised by up to 40%. The new car’s exhaust system is lighter and has a high-profile design; The new diffuser is used in the omega shaped rear bumper, and the rear wing is made of carbon fiber, hidden in the ALA system.

In terms of power, Aventador SVJ Roadster will adopt naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine, equipped with titanium alloy inlet valve, which can produce 566 kw and 720 nm torque at +


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