The same is super run, is McLaren strong or Ferrari strong?

  1. Automotive technology

McLaren is a purely British super sports car company headquartered in Woking, England, specializing in the production of high-end sports cars. Its representative models are: McLaren mp-4, p1650, 630C, 570 and so on. McLaren’s automotive manufacturing technology is recognized in the industry and can compete with Ferrari.

McLaren MP – 4

Why is this? Because there is a famous F1 team, it can be called McLaren. Yes, this is the home of McLaren. McLaren performed very well in Formula One. He joined F1 in 1963 and worked there for more than 50 years. He won 8 team championships and 12 driver championships, second only to Ferrari.

2017 McLaren team led by team leader Alonso

We all know that F1 is the world’s highest level of sports car technology, and almost every car manufacturer wants to be here. Supercar manufacturers will use the real-world technology of Formula 1 for civilian supercars wherever possible, and McLaren is no exception.

McLaren F1

458 double MP4

Therefore, in terms of technology, McLaren and Ferrari are at the same level.

Second, global sales

Ferrari is the number one car in the world. In 2016, the company sold nearly 6,000 Ferraris. At the same time, McLaren has only more than 1,000 vehicles. This is also related to the seven sports car series owned by McLaren. The seven-series quantitative sports car currently produced by McLaren. The most famous are P1 and MP4. Ferrari is twice as big as Ferrari.



Ferrari won.

Third, brand value

We are one of the Fortune 500 brands sponsored by British Brand Finance. In 2017, Ferrari ranked 15th. To be honest, Hogo thinks Ferrari is low because he knows Ferrari is the best in the world in 2014. McLaren’s car is only ranked 80th.

2014 is the world’s number one brand
In Hogo’s view, Ferrari is basically the boss and second child of the sports car industry, and the value of Porsche is also very close. McLaren is even behind, closer to Aston Martin.

Ferrari won.

In 1969, Ferrari sold itself to the Fiat Group, provided that Fiat did not interfere with any of Ferrari’s racing business. Ferrari has its own brand and Fiat has a majority stake.

Ferrari launched

In short, Ferrari receives tens of millions of dollars in research and development funds from Fiat each year, basically independent of Fiat operations.

This is what McLaren can’t do. In 2015, Ferrari officially went public. The company’s market value at the end of last year was $18.2 billion, or $74 per share. Through the capital market and the Fiat Group, Ferrari has sufficient research and development capabilities.

McLaren F1 VS Ferrari 2017

Ferrari won.


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