Grilled cod with lime


Salmon meat is white, tender and nutritious. It is a rare and good food. Because the meat itself is delicious, you can enjoy it without too much cooking. Today I am baking in the oven, a little lemon juice. It is very delicious!
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
1 piece of squid
Supplementary material
The amount of onions, the amount of onions
1 lemon, black pepper, salt and white wine
Key lime grilled squid recipe steps

  1. Preparation of materials
  2. Salt, black pepper, olive oil, onion and onion squid, squeeze lemon juice, add white wine, marinate for 1 hour.
    3 Then transfer the ingredients to a baking tray lined with tin
    Bake in a 190 degree preheated oven
    Come out in about 530 minutes
    6 stripped and divided into several pieces
    Squeeze half a lemon and beat with a bubbler
    Vegetable squid, decorated with lemon, topped with lemon juice


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