Western Fried cod


“Squid is native to the cold waters of the Nordic continent, from Northern Europe to Canada and the eastern United States. The squid is now mainly produced in Canada, Iceland, Norway and Russia. The liver of the carp is rich in oil. In addition to DHA and DPA, it also contains essential vitamin A. , D, E and many other vitamins. The proportion of these nutrients in cod liver oil is the best proportion of the daily needs of the human body. Therefore, the Nordic called it a “nutritionist”.
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Salmon fillet
Supplementary material
The taste of olive oil, the taste of salt, the taste of black pepper
Cooked squid steps
1 squid washed with a little cooking wine, salted for 10 minutes;

  1. Clean the chopped green onion and set aside;
  2. Add olive oil to the pot;
  3. Stir in the pan with medium heat;
    Add black pepper to the frying process.
    Add a little more salt
    Boil both sides to golden yellow
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