Chicago steak


Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Beef tenderloin 1 jin
Supplementary material
Cool, 1 pack of Chicago’s fine steak sauce, moderate amount of butter, 1 egg, onion, moderate amount of cherry tomatoes, some lettuce
Steps to prepare Chicago steak
One kilogram of beef tenderloin.
2 Take out the fascia and cut into 3 pieces, about 1-2 cm.
Gently beat the meat with a meat hammer. If you don’t have a meat hammer, use the knife back.
Make 100 pieces of Chicago steak into a little water, apply it on both sides of the beef, and keep it in good condition.
Refrigerated overnight.
Melt the butter in a frying pan.
Add marinated beef.
Stir well, turn over. Cook until cooked until you like it. I was postponed and overcooked in the movie.
9 Add eggs, onions, etc. according to your preference, and stir well.
Supply 10 plates.


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