Red wine steak


Red wine steak, especially suitable for this cold winter, is a nutritious dish.”
Steak 1000g
A few slices of ginger, 2 green onions, 1 grass, 2 octagons, a few fragrant leaves, a little pepper
Half a glass of red wine, one teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of soy sauce, 1/3 tbsp
Wine cellar steak practice steps

  1. Raw material: 1000 grams of steak.
    Wash the steak first, remove the blood, and drain the water.
    Prepare red wine, ginger slices, green onions, and spice together with seasonings.
    Heat the right amount of oil in 4 pans and add the steak.
    Stir fry until the steak is golden and the meat is firm.
  2. Tune into soy sauce and soy sauce, stir fry and color.
    Add a proper amount of boiling water from one side of the pot, add ginger, green onion and spices, and cook again (no need to drink water, just 2/3 steak or no steak)
  3. After boiling, turn to the casserole and pour in red wine.
    Cover the lid and let the fire boil, then turn to a low heat for an hour. Adjust the salt and turn the fire into a thick wire.
    10 焖 good steak, leaving a small soup, steak or stone pot bibimbap is delicious.


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