Black pepper steak with honey sauce


You can also urinate at home, the first attempt of Irish steak, the meat and juice are very full. The steak sauce with honey adds a touch of fineness to the sauce.
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Steak 200g, cheese 50g, carrot 50g, cucumber 50g, cherry tomato 2
Supplementary material
Some black pepper, some sea salt, some honey, some steak sauce
Preparing black pepper steak with honey sauce
Mix black pepper powder with sea salt and evenly spread the steak for 20-30 minutes.
Cut the carrot into a diamond, cut the cucumber and cheese into pieces, cut the cherry tomato in half, set aside
Grill the marinated steak until medium rare (2 minutes per side)
Add 4 tablespoons of steak sauce and 1 tablespoon of honey and simmer until the sauce is slightly thicker.
Place the steak, vegetables and cheese on a plate and topped with honey sauce

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